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The tsunami effect in the epidemic

The Omicron variant, which took the world by storm, created a tsunami effect in Turkey, where the measures were gradually relaxed. In Turkey, where the number of daily cases broke a record by exceeding 70 thousand, it is noteworthy that four different cities from the Aegean Region take place in the top ten provinces that lead the weekly table, while the control of the epidemic is now completely lost with the effect of the Omicron variant. In İzmir, where the number of Covid-19 cases increased eightfold, the rate of cases seen in every hundred thousand people in the last 15 days increased from 68.54 to 354.84, while in Aydın, which is one of the provinces where the increase occurred most, this figure increased from 59.42 to 354.84, in Muğla. increased from 58.85 to 605.33 and from 462.01 to 609.55 in Çanakkale. It was observed that the number of cases increased from 224.80 to 266.02 in Denizli, from 245.27 to 316.78 in Balıkesir, from 140.49 to 182.47 in Manisa, and from 100.97 to 114.23 in Uşak.

Lütfi Çamlı, President of the Izmir Medical Chamber: “Many countries have brought back the measures they have lifted or implemented many new measures to combat the epidemic. But in our country, let alone taking new measures, the existing measures have also been relaxed. We suspect that the epidemic is left to its natural course and that there is a return to a herd policy such as those who are sick. But it is not possible to obtain permanent immunity against this virus. We have citizens who have had the disease for the second or even third time. There is no validity in hoping for help from herd immunity by saying that one who has this disease once will not be caught again. Compared to 10 days ago, the number of cases increased 8-9 times in İzmir. Due to the loosening of the measures, the number of cases will increase even more. There is no blockage in the intensive care units and hospitals in İzmir at the moment, but there are increasing numbers.”

Justice Cibik, President of the Aydın Medical Chamber: “One of the best provinces in vaccination was Aydın. However, the citizens fell into a complacency in vaccination. So far, we have managed to overcome the intensity experienced in our hospitals and intensive care units. The peak is just beginning in the Omicron variant. The increase will continue to grow. There will be an enigma in determining the number of cases. Especially in vaccinated people, this variant has a mild course like upper respiratory tract infection. There are a large number of undetected cases.”

Cafer Şahin, Head of Muğla Medical Chamber: “With the latest decisions, the fight against the pandemic has been left entirely to the initiative of the people. Vaccine hesitations experienced by our citizens are fueling the cases. The vaccine is not used effectively. The obligation to vaccinate in public transportation, production areas and other crowded areas has been eliminated, which has resulted in an increase in cases. The measures and restrictions that have been abolished must definitely be brought back.”

Güleda Erensoy, President of Çanakkale Medical Chamber: “Because the number of tests is very high in Çanakkale, the number of cases is also high. Intensive care units in our city are not full as feared. Because in this variant, there is no hospitalization due to the effect of vaccines. There is no blockage like last year. But the rate of spread of the virus among healthcare professionals is very high. If it continues like this, we will not be able to take care of patients in the future. The fight against the epidemic is already walking with our conscience. The next two months will be much more difficult. If the healthcare system collapses, we will not be able to survive the next peak this time.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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