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Russian consulate pays young Latvian for renunciation of Russian citizenship

Martins Levushkans (Martin Levushkan) was born in 2000 in Siberia. In 2004 his family moved to Latvia in Liepaja. By birthright, he had Russian citizenship, but it prevented the young man from naturalizing in the Baltic republic. He lived there for 14 years.

At the end of last year, local media published his appeal to help raise money. Martin had to collect 153 euros in order to renounce Russian citizenship and obtain it in Latvia.

“Now I am in the process of obtaining Latvian citizenship so that I can defend our values ​​even more actively. But first I need to renounce my Russian citizenship and therefore I have to pay 153 euros. For me, as a student, this is quite a large amount. I would be grateful if you could help,” the young man said.

According to the Eadaily publication, the Russian consulate reported that it had entered into a difficult situation for Martin Pavlovich and “with great pleasure” released him from the need to pay consular fees. The inhabitants of the Runet immediately reacted: “Let him continue to beg … Why take away a favorite pastime from a person ?!”.

Martin himself happily announced on social networks that he had already submitted an application for renunciation of citizenship.

“Now it remains to wait ~ half a year until my application is approved by“ comrades ”from the FSB, then the signature of the President of Latvia and that’s all, I will finally become a citizen of the Republic of Latvia,” the young man boasted.

Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are waiting for the go-ahead from the State Department to start supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Source From: MK

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