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IAOSB’s project will restore 3 million cubic meters of water

With the study, it is aimed to reuse the treated wastewater from the existing wastewater treatment plant of IAOSB through an advanced treatment process and reuse in network water quality. After the work, which was prepared within the scope of the “World Bank-financed Turkey Organized Industrial Zones Project” and to be carried out with an investment of 5 million Euros, it is anticipated that 70% of the wastewater will be recovered.

Pointing out that significant savings will be achieved in costs, IAOSB President Hilmi Uğurtaş said, “The majority of our participants can use the water we receive from İZSU after passing it through the water preparation units. With the water we will obtain from our plant for reuse of treated wastewater, the need for a water preparation unit will be largely eliminated. Our project will encourage our participants to use the advantages of the ‘green’ concept on a world scale. Our green infrastructure, which we will strengthen with these efforts, will not only support our participants in reducing their raw material, electricity, water and waste disposal expenditures, but also provide environmental benefits in leaving a more livable world to future generations. With the project, we aim to recover 70 percent of the annual water we use, which is around 4 million cubic meters. Thus, we will have taken an important step towards the efficient use of our limited water resources by consuming 3 million cubic meters of water less than the city network every year.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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