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Relatives “surrendered” Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina to a nursing home

The daughter of 83-year-old actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Olga Shukshina sent her to a boarding house for the elderly. According to Olga, her mother will undergo a medical examination there, writes “Interlocutor”.

In an interview with the publication, Olga said that her mother is doing well.

“Lidiya Nikolaevna is in a boarding house for the elderly. I don’t see anything shameful in this. I expressed the idea of ​​sending my mother to a boarding house on the program “Let them talk” about a friend of our family, Leonid Kuravlyov. On the set of the program, I talked with the staff of the boarding house, these generous people decided to place my mother with them for free, ”she said.

Shukshina stressed that the institution is not called a “nursing home”, but “in a different way.” She also said that Lydia Nikolaevna has age-related diseases and she needs to be constantly monitored.

According to Olga, her mother underwent planned treatment at the Vishnevsky hospital in October, but in the boarding house for the elderly, the atmosphere is more homely and the rehabilitation program is designed more for relaxation than for treatment. The boarding house has a library, they hold various events for the elderly, and Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, according to her daughter, is comfortable there.

“Now I have such a life situation that it is difficult for me to take care of my mother at home, and she already needs regular care, which is provided to her mother there. I don’t consider it necessary to name reasons, this is our family,” Olga said.

She also stated that she was not going to discuss her decision to send her mother to a boarding house with her sisters. Lydia Nikolaevna will discuss with Maria what she wants, and her mother does not even call Anastasia, since they do not communicate. How long the actress will stay in the boarding house depends on her desire, Olga added.

Source From: MK

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