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Andor: new details about the biggest Star Wars series ever

On the evening of August 1, the first full-fledged trailer for the Andor series, a new project in the Star Wars universe, appeared on the Web. We’ll tell you what we learned from the trailer, why Disney is trying to justify itself to fans with this show, and when it will hit the screens.

The plot of the series “Andor”

Andor is a prequel series to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Stories”. The plot of the new series will unfold five years before the events of the original film.

The main character will be Cassian Andor, the future Rebel Alliance’s best scout, and at the beginning of the series, a thief and a fugitive who is being pursued by the forces of the Galactic Empire. It is the transformation of Andor from a selfish criminal into a hero that the story will be mostly devoted to. Judging by the fresh trader, Cassian’s home planet was destroyed by the Empire, after which the hero embarked on a criminal path.

Like Rogue One, the prequel will take place between the third and fourth episodes of the original saga. In addition to the history of Cassian, the creators promise for the first time to show in detail the political structure of the Empire, the games for power within the Imperial Council. Also, according to insider information obtained by some publications, the series will focus not so much on big events, although they certainly will, but on the personal stories of individual characters. They describe the genre of the project as a sci-fi spy thriller.

Actors of the series “Andor”

The creators managed to attract many old performers from Rogue One to the series. The role of Cassian Andor is expected to be played by the same Mexican actor Diego Luna. In a recent interview, the actor said that filming Andor had a big impact on him as a person:

“Although I can’t say much, this experience literally changed me. I really wanted to do it, but I was afraid that it might not work out. Now I’m more than happy.”

In addition, it became known from the new trailer that Alan Tudyk and Forest Whitaker will return to their roles. Among the new faces for the franchise in the series will appear such eminent stars as Adria Arjona, whom many viewers may know from the British TV series Good Omens, Stellan Skarsgard, one of the most adored European actors of our time, who worked a lot with Lars von Trier, Genevieve Oh ‘Riley from Star of Steel and many more.

Disney is preparing the biggest Star Wars series ever

According to series showrunner Tony Gilroy, the scale of their new project will be simply huge. The show will cover all 5 years that separate the film from the beginning of the series, and the main plot will involve at least 75 important characters and about 200 characters with at least one line in the script. Moreover, according to the same Gilroy, the project is going to challenge how we understand the history of the Star Wars universe:

“In these five years of storyline, events occur that are important and require attention. There are certain characters that a passionate audience really feels, understands and knows. In some cases they are right. And in some cases we say: What you know is actually wrong.

Clearly, it’s with scale and a new take on lore that Disney wants to win back fans’ love for the franchise. All the latest Star Wars films have received rather restrained reviews from viewers and critics, and fans have been completely disappointed. The same story happened with the box office films, each successive collected less and less. But unexpectedly, in 2019, the series The Mandalorian was released, which could become a real hit of that year and received positive reviews from almost all categories of viewers.

Apparently, Disney then realized that it was better to bet on series based on the universe with an unusual concept. And Andor, in turn, should be the culmination of their new strategy, the biggest series in the franchise.

Based on the reaction of fans to the trailer, we can conclude that at least in part this approach has already justified itself. Almost all commentators were delighted with the video. Many noted how cinematic the series looks, almost on par with the full-fledged films of the franchise. Others liked the internal political games of the Council and the gloomy atmosphere. Also, some noted that they are pleased that the series does not try to exploit characters from the licensed parts of the saga. Overall, viewers wrote that so far this looks like exactly what they needed, a breath of fresh air in the franchise.

Andora release date

The first 3 episodes of the first season will air on the Disney+ streaming service on September 21, 2022. A total of 12 episodes will be released in the first season. General release schedule for the entire season:

1, 2, 3 series – September 21

Episode 4 – September 28

Episode 5 – October 5

Episode 6 – October 12

Episode 7 – October 19

Episode 8 – October 26

Episode 9 – November 2

Episode 10 – November 9

Episode 11 – November 16

Episode 12 – November 23

Will Andor have a second season?

The creators of the series originally planned to release 2 seasons. The first season will cover one year of the designated five years between the start of the series and Rogue One, the second – the remaining four. Tony Gilroy explains the division into seasons as follows:

“For me, it’s like the first and second half of a novel. The first season is about how he becomes a revolutionary, and the second takes him to the events of the original film.

When exactly the second season will be released is still unknown. It will also have 12 episodes.

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