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“Furious newborn” is 2 years old. How has little Isabela changed?

Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born in 2020. Her birth photo made her one of the most popular newborns in the world. Recently, the toddler turned 2 years old. What does a “rabid newborn” look like today?

“Furious Newborn” hit on the Internet

Isabela Pereira de Jesus is a 2-year-old whose photo at birth has become a real viral on the web. She was born in 2020 in Brazil. Her birth was immortalized by a photographer specializing in perpetuating childbirth. However, even Rodrigo Kunstmann did not expect that this moment would make the baby one of the most popular newborns.

The girl was born by caesarean section, and immediately after birth did not cry. He shows a funny grimace in the photo. Her face made her quickly hail her as “angry child”. Doctors said she looked angry that someone had disturbed her rest.

“Furious newborn” turns 2 years old

The unique photo brought the toddler fame on social media. Pociecha even has an Instagram account. It is there that Isabel’s parents show funny photos and videos with her participation. The girl has recently turned 2 and is making a career as a child model.

Isabel’s parents are delighted with their daughter’s photogenicity. They believe that the photo taken by the photographer perfectly reflects her strong character. It turns out that when a girl is dissatisfied, she looks exactly the same as she did when she was born. – We pride ourselves on how unique it is – they emphasize.

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