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The psychologist revealed a healthy vacation period

Vacation should last 28 calendar days, then it will be good for health, since the body begins to accumulate resources only on the 3rd week of rest.

Psychologist, endocrinologist Anton Polyakov spoke about this in an interview with URA.RU. According to him, “in the Soviet Union they used 28 calendar days for a reason.”

Polyakov laid out in order what happens to the body during 4 weeks of vacation. In the first week of rest, a person experiences stress about the fact that he is resting and he needs to adapt. In the second week, he relaxes and “begins to recover from the most problematic points, areas of his psyche.” On the third, the body is engaged in accumulating a “margin of safety”.

“That is, you bandaged yourself and acquired certain resources that will help you cope with stressful situations in later life,” the doctor described this rest time.

And, finally, in the fourth week, “that very period of adaptation begins, when you gradually begin to return to the usual rhythm of life.”

As the specialist noted, “if a person has such a rest, then this will be enough for him for a year and his psyche will be in order.”

As a psychologist, Anton Polyakov noted that in a shorter period of time, a person simply does not have time to rest. “Resting less than three weeks is a bit of a weird process,” he said.

To make it clear why this is strange, Polyakov explained: “Imagine you are resting for a week, you are stressed, you just relaxed all your muscles, and then you are returned to work again with all the workloads, conflicts and envy from colleagues who are still nowhere didn’t go.”

And if a person goes on vacation for just one week, then in fact he will get more stress than rest, the doctor warned.

Especially if on such a vacation there will be overeating, alcohol and so on.”

Source From: MK

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