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Chulpan Khamatova spoke about the betrayal of the people she used to help

“I just won’t survive”

Actress Chulpan Khamatova, who left Russia amid a special operation in Ukraine, has been living in Latvia for some time, where she regularly gives interviews to Western media. She noted more than once that after leaving the Russian Federation, her life changed, and her close comrades turned away from her. Moreover, now Khamatova said that even those whom she tried to help betrayed her.

In an interview with the RusDelfi YouTube channel, Khamatova shared that many of her friends use the opportunity to “kick” her, and the actress regards such actions as a betrayal, since until recently she helped these people.

According to the actress, she could often provide help even to her own detriment, and now people, instead of gratitude and support, “kick” her when it is very profitable to do it, especially since they do it with joy. Khamatova admits that she has fully experienced this for herself.

However, the artist emphasized that she would no longer be different, and if she still tries to become different, she simply will not survive. Khamatova believes that in this case she would think that she would help the person, and then he would hurt her, mock and lie.

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Source From: MK

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