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56-year-old Natalya Shturm showed the engagement ring: “Now the bride”

The star of the 90s, Natalya Sturm, shared a joyful event with fans – it seems that after a series of failures, she finally managed to find personal happiness. The former singer, now a blogger and TV star boasted a ring given to her by her lover on the occasion of her engagement.

Sturm was married twice, gave birth to a daughter and a son, and has already become a grandmother. After the collapse of both marriages, she tried to improve her personal life, but each time the novels ended in separation. However, several years ago, while traveling in Zanzibar, Sturm met a wealthy man named Albert. The media wrote that last summer the man announced his readiness to marry his girlfriend. Now he has taken another step towards the registry office.

On the social network, Sturm showed a video from a beauty salon, where, during a manicure procedure, her lover suddenly appeared and gave her a luxurious ring.

“The Burmese spinel is as precious as a diamond, only rare,” Sturm explained. “This ring is 3.4 carats, red-orange in color.”

The date of the wedding has not yet been specified, but Sturm is sure that the official registration of the relationship will not be long in coming: “Albert put an engagement ring on my finger! I am now the bride.”

Source From: MK

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