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The stylist called the most relevant haircuts for winter

The master of short haircuts, the creator of the quick styling technique “Hands and Hairdryer”, stylist Galina Totorina called “Moslente” the most relevant haircuts in the cold season.

According to her, a lot depends on what kind of headdress a woman wears.

“For those who wear hats, an elongated bob or bob with textured bangs is perfect,” she said, adding that “this hairstyle is very comfortable in that it practically does not lose shape.”

The stylist gave advice: “To keep the volume under the hat, change the parting when you put it on.” In this case, “when you take off the headdress, the hair in the parting will be lush.”

Totorina also said that the caret can be worn in different ways. It is made with curls, weak waves, and an elongated version of the caret can be assembled into a ponytail by releasing a couple of strands from the face.

If a woman covers her head with a hood or hood in cold weather, she can afford both “any styling for long hair” and “any short haircut”.

Totorina called short options relevant this season. In particular, garcon and pixies.

And the ultra-short haircut, according to the stylist, goes well with both dresses and business suits. “She completely opens up her face and sets the focus only on you, not on your hair,” she said.

A straight cut is very popular in haircuts now. However, according to the expert, “it will suit those women who have obedient straight hair.” This must be taken into account, because “any curl will break the ideal lines and create a feeling of disheveled hair.”

The stylist also said that in winter there is a deterioration in the appearance of hair “for several reasons”: they are affected by “dry air in the room due to heating”, “temperature difference when we go into a well-heated room from the street”, as well as “lack of vitamins, since there are few seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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