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Zofia Zborowska-Wrona and her life challenges. “I admire all working moms”

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona debuts as a working mother. The actress will return to the stage after the break. She told Dzien Dobry TVN about her double role: actress and young parent. What is the secret of Zosia Zborowska-Wrona?

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona returns to work

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona is a young mother who returned to work on theater stages after a 3-year break. On July 29, 2021, the actress welcomed a daughter named Hope. She talked about the challenges waiting for every mother who wants to return to work in the Dzien Dobry TVN studio. It turns out that she manages to combine difficult parental duties with work in the theater thanks to the great support of both grandmothers, a nanny and a good relationship with her husband.

– We have a lot of support from grandmothers and nannies. However, when the baby cries, when you leave, or as my husband says: that she bursts into tears several times a day and calls out “Mama, mom!” this heart is tearing apart. On the other hand, I don’t want to leave my passions and my profession behind. […] I admire all working moms – said Sophia.

Today, little Hope is 14 months old, so she is more and more willing to be cared for by other people. Zofia Zborowska-Wrona admits that separation from consolation is extremely difficult for her, however, the actress does not want to give up her life.

– We have perfected logistics, we share our responsibilities equally with Andrzej […] Emotions – this is the hardest thing – she said.

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona. How is she taking care of her marriage?

The arrival of a small child in the family is always a challenge for almost every couple. Zofia Zborowska-Wrona does not hide that she sometimes has quarrels with her partner, but she does her best to stay in good relations with her husband in the rush of duty. Andrzej Wrona actively participates in raising Hope, a when the couple has a moment of respite, they spend time together.

We argue, we clash, we have very strong characters. But at the end of the day, we know that we want to be together, that we want to work. We try to respect each other go on dates with a hotel stay at least once a month to keep the relationship going […] Is it hard? It’s damn hard sometimes, but every parent knows that.

Zosia Zborowska returns to the theater. What is this spectacle?

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona returns to work in the theater after a few years of maternity break. The star plays in a new show called “Nothing happened.” A touching story about the legends of Polish football, directed by Piotr Ratajczak, will interest not only football fans.

– I think that this spectacle very well reflects the emotions of the fan and shows the beautiful history of football in an unobvious way […] I believed that with such a director and such a cast we would manage, added Zosia.

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