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Teachers took the canceled exam

The expert teacher and head teacher exam (Teacher Career Steps Exam), which was brought with the Teaching Profession Law, whose cancellation was discussed by the Constitutional Court, and which drew the reaction of educators, was held in a single session with the central system in 1,489 schools in 81 provinces.

According to the Ministry of National Education’s Teaching Career Stages Written Examination data, 614 thousand 390 teachers applied for teaching career ladder training. 606 thousand 185 of these teachers completed their training. 595 thousand 598 teachers applied for the Teaching Career Stages Written Exam. 94 thousand 606 teachers with a master’s degree and 257 teachers with a doctorate will be exempted from the head teacher exam.

Evaluation of the exam will be made out of 100 points. Wrong answers will not affect the number of correct answers. In the exam, those who score 70 and above will be considered successful, and each question will have an equal score. Exam results will be announced on 12 December 2022.

Teachers who are successful in the exam will be given the title of ‘expert teacher’ or ‘head teacher’. As of the month following the date of issue of specialization certificates, the education and training compensation stipulated for their titles will be paid and a degree will be awarded separately for each title. Specialist teachers and head teachers working in other public institutions will also benefit from these rights.


Teachers who came to the front of the school to take the Teaching Career Stages Exam formed long queues. Teachers waiting in line with their exam entrance documents and IDs were allowed to enter the halls at 09:30. Teachers wished each other luck while waiting in the queue.


CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu made a statement on 7 August; “Because the teacher career exam is offensive, I called for a more reasonable solution. They did not approach. Shout out to the teachers; You don’t have to put up with this disrespect, don’t take this test. After the election, we will find the solution that will not hurt you, together (by talking)”.

CHP filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the Teaching Profession Law, which also regulates the exam to classify teachers as ‘expert teachers’ and ‘head teachers’. The Supreme Court started to discuss the case on the merits last week and decided to listen to the 3 education unions with the highest number of members and the Ministry of National Education. The Ministry held the exam today without waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court. PHOENIX

Source From: Sozcu

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