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5 rules for caring for houseplants in December named

Winter is a difficult period in the life of indoor plants. Too high temperature, dry air, drafts during ventilation – living in an apartment during the cold season becomes a real challenge for most flowers.

The portal told how to ensure the most favorable maintenance for indoor plants and help them survive the winter without losses.

1. Air humidification in winter

One of the most important tasks in caring for indoor plants in winter is to provide them with a normal level of air humidity. The optimum humidity for indoor flowers is about 60%. However, in winter, when the heating is turned on, it is several times lower. As a result, due to excessive dryness in plants, the tips or edges of the leaf blades begin to dry, the leaves often turn yellow and fall off.

There are several ways to increase the humidity level in the room in winter:

– Place wide containers filled with water or damp moss next to the flower pots;

– Place the plants in trays filled with wet expanded clay;

– hang a wet towel on the battery, change it as it dries;

– Spray the plants regularly with a spray bottle or send them to a warm shower. Before starting the procedures, cover the soil in the pots with a plastic bag so as not to flood it with water;

– use special electric humidifiers or install an indoor fountain in the room – these devices will help not only plants, but also people who also suffer from too dry air in winter.

2. Watering indoor plants in December

A very important event for caring for indoor plants in December is watering. Excessive dryness of the air and improper watering are two main problems that most often lead to the fact that plants die during the winter.

How to properly water indoor flowers in December? It depends mainly on the type of plant (flowering, dormant succulents, etc.), but the basic rule is: in winter, overflow is worse for indoor flowers than underfilling. In winter, even indoor plants, growth and other biochemical processes slow down, so they need less water than in the warm season. Ignoring this fact will lead to the fact that the flowers, with a large amount of moisture and high temperature, will begin to stretch, but their stems will be too thin, and the leaves will be small. And this is the best case. At worst, the root system will rot and the flower will simply die.

Features of watering indoor plants in December:

– succulents are watered no more than 1-2 times a month, after the earthen coma has completely dried;

– plants in which the aboveground part dies are watered only once a month so that the tuber in the ground does not dry out;

– plants with large leaves are watered moderately: they begin to moisten only after the top layer of the earth dries out to a depth of about 1 cm;

– plants blooming in winter (azalea, zygocactus, calla, etc.) are watered more often than others, but with a small amount of water. Florists recommend pouring water into the pan;

– for watering indoor plants in winter, use slightly warm, settled water.

3. Protection of indoor plants from cold and heat

In winter, plants in an apartment can suffer from both cold and heat. To help them, pay attention to the following points: if the flowers are on the windowsill, insulate the window and seal all the cracks where the cold air flows from. Make sure that the leaves of the plants do not come into contact with the glass; if the windowsill or the floor on which the containers with flowers are cold, place the pots on any heat-insulating support: wood grate, rubber, foam or expanded polystyrene. Such a substrate will protect the root system from hypothermia; during airing, remove the pots from the windowsill or cover them from a draft. Even a short-term exposure to frosty air can lead to the death of the plant; if indoor flowers are located on stands near heating devices, protect them from hot dry air currents with a screen or keep a wet towel on the battery at all times. 4. Indoor plant lighting in December

The lighting regime is very important in the winter keeping of indoor plants. In December, the daylight hours are very short, so many flowers begin to suffer from a lack of light. To help them, place the plants on the lightest window sills: south or east.

If you have to keep the plants far from the window, in the back of the room, provide them with additional lighting: turn on phytolamps for several hours a day. 5. Protection of indoor plants from pests

In winter, in the dry air of apartments, some pests of indoor plants, such as aphids or spider mites, begin to activate. To prevent their reproduction, you need to regularly spray the plants with a spray bottle and increase the humidity level in the room. In addition, to prevent the appearance of sucking insects, it is recommended:

– wipe smooth leaves with soapy water; in plants with pubescent foliage, dust must be removed with a brush;

– spray the plants with garlic infusion: chop one head of garlic, pour 1 liter of water and insist for a day;

– periodically wash the leaves and stems with infusion of tobacco or makhorka: 1 tbsp. tobacco / makhorka pour 0.5 liters of water and add 1 tsp. grated laundry soap.

If preventive measures do not help and you find insects, the plant must be immediately sent to the shower, washed off the pests with warm water, and then isolated from the rest of the flowers. With a large spread of insect pests, special insecticides are used.

Excessive watering of indoor plants, due to which the soil does not dry out for a long time, can lead to the appearance of soil flies and mushroom mosquitoes. To combat them, such insecticides are used.

You can get rid of pests in other ways:

= Hang sticky fly strips next to the plants;

– place chopped chives in the soil at a shallow depth or use garlic infusion for watering;

– stick the matches head down into the pots and slightly moisten the soil. When the sulfur heads dissolve, replace the matches with new ones;

– let the earthen whom dry completely between waterings – this will not harm the plants, but it will be destructive for the insect larvae.


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