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To extinction of domain assets of the link of “Chapo” Guzmán in Colombia

The properties would be in the name of Tarazona Enciso and two women close to her family circle.

Photo: Courtesy of the Prosecutor’s Office

Who would be the main partner of the Mexican capo Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán in Colombia, 175 assets were seized, valued at $72,000 million, which would be his property. It would be the assets of Néstor Alonso Tarazona Enciso, which were confiscated in an operation by the Dijin of the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office. In total, two rural properties, two urban properties, five vehicles and 166 animals were occupied. This operation was carried out in Bogotá, Pereira (Risaralda), Villavicencio, San Martín and Acacías (Meta).

In context: 39 assets belonging to Óscar Moreno, the “King of the Semi-submersibles”) are forfeited

These occupied properties would be in the name of Tarazona Enciso and two women close to her family. These goods, supposedly, were acquired thanks to money from money laundering. Tarazona Enciso would be responsible for the laundering of this money coming from the boss of the Sinaloa Cartel. The man is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for money laundering.

The man known as Chapo’s Horseman He is presumably in charge of giving the appearance of legality to money from various drug cartels. These cartels would include the Cali, Sinaloa and Nueva Generación de Jalisco cartels from Mexico, in addition to the criminal organization known as Los Puntilleros. This money would come from the illicit income obtained from cocaine trafficking.

According to the evidence collected by the Prosecutor’s Office, Chapo’s Horseman, would have acquired luxurious properties scattered throughout the Colombian territory to launder this money. Apparently, Tarazona also used an agricultural company and a horse farm to launder more than $2.6 billion and increase his assets by almost $4 billion.

This man was captured in August 2021 and charged with the crimes of aggravated money laundering and illicit enrichment of individuals. According to the information provided by the Prosecutor’s Office, all the confiscated assets that were property of Tarazona will be placed at the disposal of the Special Assets Company, after the Specialized Directorate for Asset Forfeiture imposed precautionary measures of suspension of the dispositive power, embargo and sequestration on the goods.

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Source: Elespectador

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