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Russian teachers are forced to clean classrooms and design curricula in the summer

“Well, but the vacation is great,” – this could be heard from teachers until recently. They say that the work is crazy, nervous, papers, reports the entire academic year – but 56 days of vacation. Now, according to the reviews and stories of teachers, even this privilege is disappearing. Someone is plowed in the summer to paint classes, participate in city events or even patrol. Others are forced to design curricula, bombarded with work correspondence. And someone himself is not able to switch and get out of the “I am a school teacher” mode.

It’s the end of June. School graduations died down, the “last bells” rang out. Unified State Examination, too, until next year lurked over the horizon. “And what other books on pedagogy and psychology should I read?” – the teacher from Kazan worries. Teacher chats are a real book of complaints and suggestions. But more, of course, complaints, but such that Chekhov would be envious.

If you believe your eyes, the main pedagogical fear today is “hanging an extended day group (GPA)”. “The whole year I was engaged in hellish calculations of hours and amounts of payments and salaries to teachers in after-school,” reports a teacher from Ivanovo. I prepared all the receipts at night, because there was no other time. I got up to a thousand for it at best … ”“ And they also give me a GPA, the payment is minuscule, and in terms of costs it’s like a second job,” a primary school teacher from the Moscow region laments.

The second most common teacher complaint is the situation “I got married without me.” “Hello! I would like to hear the opinion of colleagues, – says an English teacher from Perm. – I am a young specialist, on vacation I was put on one exam, the administration told me to come to it. Is it legal?..”

“Colleagues, what is going on?! – Another cry of the soul, is heard from under Saratov. – We are forced to make new programs according to the Federal State Educational Standard (Federal State Educational Standard) in the designer on vacation. They gave me deadlines. Is this bullying? I have my own plans, my own family! I’ll be back from vacation in mid-August. How to refuse it? Just leave…”

From the Leningrad region they report: “The teachers are on vacation, but the administration is actively calling for taking care of the school territory (watering flowers, weeding). What can be done in such a situation? .. “. Or the situation from Kirov: “I wanted to know: can the administration oblige me to teach biology without the consent of the employee (chemistry teacher) if I have free chemistry hours?”

Teachers of music, fine arts, physical education complex because of the unimportance of their subjects. It is not clear what to do – either to score on the dismissive attitude of the students, or to lose money by moving into the field of additional education. Or again a young teacher – the barbs from the head teacher hurt. “And for some reason, slanderous words addressed to me all the time coincide with a refusal to participate in some additional and unpaid events.” Moreover, the senior colleague not only says nasty things, but also sends letters. “How to get rid of the barbs from the leadership scrolling in the head? I’m sitting in the summer, scrolling through my head, worrying … ”, the young teacher laments.

Or such two polar cases. “The problem is that she has gained a lot of weight,” says Natalia, a primary school teacher. – In the team, when they see me, they talk about it. I’m afraid the kids will say the same. Very complex, I’m 30 years old. You can’t lose weight yet.” And then: “Teacher, 24 years old, married, height 160, weight 40. All my life I looked younger than my years, and I hear eternal banter about how thin I am. How annoying are the statements from both colleagues and relatives: “You are so thin, oh, how do you teach lessons, how do children perceive you, but they don’t give you more than 18!” .

And finally, here is such a case. “Today I got into an awkward situation,” says a history teacher from Volgograd. – I ordered delivery from an intimate store home by courier, I open the door, and there my last year’s graduate is standing. He blushed, slurred hello, put the package in his hands and ran away. I hope he won’t tell his classmates, otherwise it will come out somehow awkwardly …

“Colleagues, we often complain about difficulties,” Galina, a teacher from Krasnoyarsk, begins elegiacly. – Our life and work often make us grumble and give up. Today I had a very pleasant day. Today my former students came to visit. They decided to surprise me. Gathered and came to me with a bouquet of flowers. It was so exciting, unexpected and pleasant. Every year I am convinced that it is only for the sake of this that it is worth working at school. No matter how the wind of changes in education bends us, let’s believe in the best, kind and bright.”

“I agree completely,” says Nina Viktorova, a mathematics teacher from Moscow. “Moments like this redeem a lot. And you also need to love your profession, the subject. Common truths, banal, I know. Boring. But without love it is impossible to work at school. In general, it’s so wonderful when you can meet your grown-up students. And sit and drink with them! I meet several of my classes every summer in the summer. “My children” are invited to weddings, anniversaries. And this is not to mention the fact that the “children” scattered to different cities and countries. And going on vacation, I often write to students, they meet my husband and me there. We meet, we meet. It’s priceless.”

Source From: MK

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