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We are looking for happiness within the country: which cities do Russians choose to move to

In Moscow, the main negative point is the high cost of rented housing. Not all citizens can afford to rent an apartment for at least a month. It is curious that, according to statistics, Moscow apartments are most often rented or bought by residents of Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk. Among the buyers there are indigenous people of St. Petersburg, but they are much less common.

28-year-old designer Yulia Potapova was born in Yelets, Lipetsk Region, where her parents and other relatives still live. “When I come to visit them, I am happy. But I’m no less happy that ten years ago I entered a Moscow university and stopped living there,” says Yulia. – In my profession, and just for personal development, constant new, and high-quality “food for the eyes” is needed. And live contact with creative people.

Moscow has it, says the young designer, and it’s a huge advantage. True, the woman notes, the native Muscovites themselves do not use the creative possibilities of their city to the fullest.

At the same time, Yulia, although she fell in love with the Russian capital, does not plan to become its permanent resident: “I will never buy an apartment in Moscow, and it is not interesting to work for rent. I bought a room a year ago in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg, in the Kolomna district. Once the area was considered unfavorable, and soon here, it seems to me, there will be an art quarter.

People move to megacities from small cities and towns, wanting to earn more money and discover new opportunities. Due to this, areas are rapidly growing, which include cheap and not very comfortable areas, says Vladimir Petrov, author of the price-and-reviews.rf website. In principle, it is impossible to deal with this difficult situation. After all, where there is a demand for housing, there are profitable offers.

– This year I am finishing the renovation, I will try to live in the cold season. And if winter St. Petersburg doesn’t break me, then this is my city, and I’ll take care of the move, ”continues Yulia.

The advantages of St. Petersburg are obvious: visual harmony, a lively, real European historical city, one of the most beautiful in the world. The air of freedom, according to Yulia, is felt in everything, from designer parties to street art. Of the obvious shortcomings – not the biggest salaries, especially compared to Moscow. And yet – pipes are constantly flowing in the old fund. “I already once urgently came “to the flood,” recalls the designer. It turned out that the upstairs neighbors were to blame. But in general, bad pipes are in the order of things here.

In recent years, some cities have become “fashionable” because their residents (and perhaps other Russians) have realized some advantages that were previously ignored or that were not important to them. St. Petersburg is attracting more and more attention – despite the bad climate, or Sochi – thanks to the 2014 Olympics, or Vladivostok – because of its proximity to China.

One decade is enough for the city to change beyond recognition. But not all localities succeed in doing this. And only a few want to change.

– Voronezh and the cities of the Moscow region, for example, have become famous in recent years for population growth. The number of inhabitants was increased artificially, due to the inclusion of adjacent administrative-territorial units in the cities. The population of Balashikha more than doubled due to the annexation of the city of Zheleznodorozhny. There are many such examples,” says Vladimir Petrov. – Separately, it is worth noting Tyumen. This city grew thanks to labor migrants. At the same time, Makhachkala showed the world the highest natural population growth. And in the case of Krasnodar, both of these factors have combined altogether.

Everyone needs air

Among other things, the ecology of settlements plays an important role. This issue is considered problematic, and therefore does not lose relevance for several years. It is the ecology that creates a negative impression on the guests and spoils the mood of the locals. From the obvious – in large cities, people are forced to inhale polluted air. Unfortunately, it is impossible to quickly solve environmental problems.

“Recently, we conducted a study of the quality of life in cities with a population of more than 250 thousand people, interviewed residents on a variety of topics: fear of poverty and disease, ecology, crime, education and income, housing and communal services, etc.,” says the director of the Institute of Social -Economic Research of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Doctor of Economics Aleksey Zubets. – Based on the totality of answers, the top 5 cities with the highest quality of life included Moscow, St. Petersburg, Grozny, Magnitogorsk, and Vladimir.

— Alexei Nikolayevich, I was surprised, first of all, by Grozny’s leadership in many positions: in housing and communal services and the least conflict in the social environment, it ranks first in Russia; in ecology and low propensity to move, it ranks second; in medicine, it ranks third in the country. Is it really so good to live in the capital of Chechnya?

– In Grozny, people answer exactly the way they answer. For them, everything in the city is good with housing and communal services, with roads, with the level of security, with protest activity, and so on. The only problem in Grozny is the standard of living. The income of the population is low. In other positions, everything is fine with them, which I willingly believe in, because the city has been rebuilt anew. I think people are really happy with life compared to what it was in the 1990s. Services that ensure the normal functioning of the city are working. There are really good roads. Therefore, I think it is no coincidence that Grozny has been holding leading positions in the rating of Russian cities for many years now. At the head of the region is an authoritarian leader of the region, who can force everyone to work. All these circumstances, probably, can provide a fairly high standard of living in the city for people.

– What about the environment? Grozny is located in a hollow – once, on its territory there is a large oil production – twice.

– When we talk about ecology, we mean not only the state of the air, but also the state of water, and garbage. The problem of landfills for urban residents is no less important and acute than air. Indeed, there are cities in which there is a catastrophic problem with the air – and we know about this “black sky”. But at the same time, one must understand that the poor condition of the air outweighs the garbage. In Grozny, yes, there is a problem with the air, residents complain. However, landfills (more precisely, their absence) and water quality are normal.

The most serious problems with air due to hazardous industries, including in Arkhangelsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk. As for water quality, the main problems are in Barnaul, Bryansk, Volgograd, Izhevsk, Magnitogorsk. The abundance of landfills is primarily dissatisfied with residents of Cheboksary, St. Petersburg, Podolsk, Naberezhnye Chelny.

— And the cities of the south of Russia?

– They feel good. The most attractive city for migrants to live because of the Urals is not Moscow or St. Petersburg, but Anapa. Not in absolute numbers, but in relative terms, based on their share in the population of the city itself. Sochi rose sharply after the 2014 Winter Olympics, but it must be understood that in the summer capital the situation is approximately the same as in St. Petersburg. Let me explain. St. Petersburg is a city of St. Petersburg residents, but it is migrants who make this city prosperous. In the same way, Sochi is a city of both migrants and Sochi residents. This does not allow us to perceive these cities as a whole. There are districts and quarters where everything is fine, but there are completely different ones.

— Is it really possible to talk about a kind of ghetto?

– There is no ghetto in St. Petersburg, but there are quarters where people from the Russian oil regions of Siberia or those who have earned money in the European part buy housing. Actually, they are to a large extent stretching the economy of St. Petersburg. There is St. Petersburg of old Soviet Khrushchev houses and high-rise buildings, and there is a city of new buildings where Russian wealthy migrants settle.

Why only in retirement?

– In St. Petersburg, the work is not good. Unlike Moscow, there are not many jobs there. Therefore, people go there who have enough money and who go to live in retirement, to teach children: St. Petersburg has a good education, comfortable living conditions, you can get to Finland by train, near the Baltic states, 130 kilometers to Narva. On the one hand, this is a window to Europe, and on the other hand, it is a rather comfortable, pleasant city, full of museums. Many new buildings, you can buy good housing.

This is how you can live

When choosing a city that is convenient for living and working, it is advisable to rely on five main criteria, recommends Vladimir Petrov.

The first is social infrastructure. When moving to another city, you should definitely take into account the presence and accessibility of cultural and sports facilities, educational institutions, cafes, and hospitals.

The second is green space. An important role is played by the arrangement of parks and squares for recreation. This factor is of particular importance for people who change their place of residence with their families.

The third criterion is road safety. Road surface is one of the main problems in most Russian cities. Almost nowhere can it be called ideal, but in some cities there are still high-quality old roads and improved new sections. Pay attention to the presence of sidewalks and legal pedestrian crossings, stops for public transport, paths for cyclists.

The fourth is the improvement of the housing stock. In many cities of Russia there are emergency and dilapidated housing. If there are a large number of such houses, it is better to refuse to move to such a place, even if you have the opportunity to buy an apartment in a new building.

And finally, the fifth criterion is the work of the authorities. We can talk about the corruption of officials and city leaders for a long time. However, to the surprise of many Russians, on the map of Russia there are still administrative-territorial units with a minimum level of corruption, where a truly comfortable and comfortable urban environment is being created.

41-year-old editor Viktor Shishkanov and his wife last year bought a classic village house with three windows in a small regional center in the Yaroslavl region. “The acquisition solved two of our obsessions at once,” says the journalist. “Firstly, the coronavirus has shown that in emergency situations, a metropolis is not the best place to live. It’s good to have your own yard and garden. And secondly, I wanted to preserve for generations this endangered nature: log cabins, which are now disfiguring one after another with siding and superstructures. We are refurbishing the house to maintain its authentic appearance but provide modern conveniences.”

Most, of course, live mainly during the summer season, but there are those who have moved permanently. Probably everyone has their own reasons.

“We just really liked the quiet life in the old town for 5 thousand people, from where you can easily get to Moscow in three hours,” Viktor admits. – Will we be able to move to the village permanently – the question is. The main thing that keeps in the capital is education for children. But I must say that in the city there is an ordinary and art school, a hospital – very good by local standards.

Our expert Vladimir Petrov identified several cities suitable for living and working. This is what, in his opinion, a promising trio looks like.

1. Kazan. An ideal city for real estate investment opens up many other opportunities for any resident of Russia. Kazan is famous for high salaries, a large number of vacancies and the opportunity to advance in any direction. The gastronomic and cultural attractions of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan not only attract tourists, but also reduce the desire of local residents to move to another region.

2. Ufa. The developed center is ideal for buying a home. Real estate prices here, of course, are regularly rising, but compared to other cities, they do not do it so rapidly. At the same time, the standard of living in the capital of Bashkortostan is regularly rising, not allowing the city to lose ground for several years.

Krasnodar. A place to relax with a warm climate does not leave anyone indifferent. 120 kilometers – and you are on the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov, 150 – on the Black. Against the backdrop of the Russian capital, Krasnodar itself may seem nondescript. But, having been here once, you can appreciate the advantages of the sunny Kuban capital.

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