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Dissidents of “Iván Mordisco” announce that they will not attack the Public Force

The leader of the First Front of the FARC dissidents, Iván Mordisco, announced through a press release that he will stop the attacks against the Public Force. This criminal boss, who was believed to have been dead since last July during a military operation, appeared in a video in which he states that “The guerrilla forces have been ordered to avoid confrontations with the public force as much as possible.”

This decision of Ivan Bite It occurs in the midst of the approaches of that illegal group that was not part of the Peace Agreement and the government of Gustavo Petro in search of the so-called Total Peace. The video of Ivan Mordisco, which appears dated September 22, 2022, is known one day after the president announced an eventual multilateral ceasefire. In addition, last weekend it was learned that the Peace Commissioner, Danilo Rueda, and emissaries of Iván Mordisco had a first meeting.

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“We reaffirm our commitment to the Government of an exploratory phase for frank dialogues to resolve the social and armed conflict that the country has suffered for decades. The guerrilla forces have been ordered to avoid confrontations with the public force as much as possible, as long as we are not attacked,” he said in a statement. Ivan Bitewho succeeded alias Gentil Duarte, who is believed to have been killed in Venezuelan territory in May 2022 in the middle of an ambush.

High government sources told this newspaper that although the issue of dissidence, not only that of Ivan Bite but those of Ivan Marquez, are a priority issue, the discussion about how they will land in the Total Peace project is still very raw. In addition, it is also not clear how many men from the dissidents of Ivan Bite They were not part of the Peace Agreement with the FARC, since since July 2016 they indicated that they would continue to be in arms.

Although this ceasefire announced by Ivan Bite It is a first step in the search to continue with the rapprochements with the Government. Defense Minister Iván Velásquez pointed out yesterday that a multilateral ceasefire cannot yet be set, since this could only happen until the rapprochements that he is having are formalized. the government with the dissidents of the FARC and other groups outside the law, such as the Clan del Golfo.

It would also be absurd to speak of a multilateral ceasefire when at this moment there is not even a negotiation that has begun, that is, it would be absurd to think that a multilateral ceasefire is being considered for now. It is an intention. What determines that this intention materializes? Well, the advances made with each of the organizations,” said Minister Iván Velásquez, contrary to what was announced yesterday by the president.

The reappearance of Ivan Bite It is also newsworthy because, last July, then President Duque, Defense Minister Diego Molano and then Police Director General Jorge Luis Vargas pointed out that this criminal boss had died during a joint operation by the Armed Forces and Policeman. Although his body was never found, the previous government assumed that Ivan Bite and part of his security ring had died.

Source: Elespectador

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