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What to do when you meet a wolf in the forest? Check how to behave! Here are some tips to know when your pet gets in your way

A walk in the forest is a perfect idea to spend a free weekend. However, it is worth remembering that the trees are inhabited by various species of animals that we can meet on our way. What to do when we meet a wolf and face it? How should we behave? Run away or stay calm? See some tips to implement when we don’t want a predator to consider us a threat.

Naturalists and scientists have been studying the behavior of animals in the forest for years, many of them observe their everyday life from a hidden camera. Their observations are an amazing lesson in nature for us, but how to behave when we unexpectedly find a wolf watching us on the path? People living in the vicinity of the forest are used to the presence of most of them. Those who live in quiet housing may experience a shock. Importantly, everyone, regardless of their knowledge of animals, must respect them.

Wolves act instinctively, they are predators that are looking for food. Usually they avoid contact with humans, but there may be individuals who will try to shorten the distance. Keeping the basic rules will allow both groups to function smoothly.

WWF Poland Foundation states that since World War II, no case of a human being bitten by a wolf has been reported. It happens, though rarely, that it gets bitten. Most often, these are situations when people try to feed or tame predators.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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