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They announced that they were expecting a third child. Grandma’s reaction surprised everyone. “The truth hurts”

When future parents provide the news about their pregnancy, they are very anxious to make it a positive surprise for the whole family. However, emotions may be different. One of the users of TikTok found out about it, immortalizing her mother’s reaction to another grandson.

Unusual reaction to news of pregnancy

The announcement of pregnancy is a very special family moment for many couples. By sharing this news, future parents hope that they will receive support from their loved ones and that their faces will be filled with sincere joy. However, as it happens in life, images do not always correspond to reality.

One of the users of TikTok found out about it. Marisk Roadal decided to record the moment when she informs her mother about her third pregnancy. Unfortunately, the woman did not react as enthusiastically as her future parents expected. On the contrary, she was immediately asked a specific question. – Next? Already? – these are the first words she uttered after the announcement of pregnancy.

The behavior of my grandmother divided the Internet users

Marisk’s mom decided to quickly justify her reaction. – I wasn’t expecting you, you can’t handle the other two – she added. The woman’s words put the whole family in shock. The future mother did not hide her surprise as well, whose smile quickly disappeared from her face.

@mariskrodal ♬ original sound – Mari Anine from the 80’s

Despite the surprising development of the situation, the woman decided to share the recording on TikTok. The movie became a hit on the Internet. So far, it has been viewed by over 11 million people. Opinions about the grandmother’s reaction to the next grandson were divided. Some Internet users supported her words and understood why she behaved in this way.

“The truth hurts, but sometimes you have to hear it”, “Grandma for President”, “It happens when grandma is a full-time nanny” – we read in the comments. Some users decided to comfort the pregnant woman and tried to write a few words of support. – “She could have been softer”, “My father reacted in a similar way” – they wrote under the film.

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