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When will the schools close, when is the first break?

With the opening of the schools, the students, who started the lesson, started to count the days for the first break. The first midterm holiday will be implemented on 14-18 November. The semester break will be between 23 January and 3 February. Students will have the opportunity to have a 9-day holiday with the interim holiday, which will be implemented twice this year.

18 million students will receive 179.5 days of education in their schools in 2022-2023. Parents and students have started the countdown for the first break, which offers a nine-day holiday.


1. The start of the mid-term break will be between 14 November and 18 November.

The semester break will last 10 working days and will be between 23 January and 3 February.

2. Mid-term holiday will last 3.5 working days between 17 April and 20 April.

Schools will close on 16 June 2023.


As inflation and the cost of living skyrocket, the nightmare of low-income parents, who cut almost all their expenses, is approaching step by step. This September will be very difficult for low-income people who have school-going children and will have to face the expenses they cannot cut back on. The parents, who are waiting for the announcement of the increase in service fees, which will reach 50 percent, are shocked by the price increases with the announcement of the school catalogs of the markets.


While more than 100 percent increases were observed in products such as pencils, erasers and paints, the increase in notebook prices drew attention. Last September, 80-page notebooks at the level of 4-5 TL went on sale for 19.90 TL. Considering the need for at least 7-8 notebooks for each student, the amount that a parent with 2 children should pay for only the notebook is 320 TL.

It will also be very difficult to fill the pencil case this September. The number of pencils has increased from 1 TL to 2.5 TL. While the price of the set of 4 red pencils was 5 TL in the ‘back to school’ catalogs published in September last year, it increased to 10 TL this year. While the same brand of 12 watercolors was sold at a price of 19.90 TL last year, it went on sale this September with a label of 29.99 TL.

The hike rates are much higher for products manufactured with imported raw materials and affected by the sharp depreciation in TL, for example adhesives. Last year, in September, triple glue was sold for 19 TL, while this year, the same brand product’s triple set came to the shelves for 46 TL.

Many countries plan to provide cash aid

It is said at every opportunity that “inflation is the problem of the whole world”, but the cash aid that is distributed to the public from time to time to support against inflation throughout the world is not mentioned much. With the inflation reaching 8.9 percent in Europe, countries started to announce aid packages one by one. While France will implement an aid package of 100 Euros per person from next month, Italy has announced that it will provide 200 Euros for ‘support against inflation’, which will be distributed to its citizens with an annual income of less than 35 thousand Euros. Portugal will also provide 600 Euro cash aid to low-income families.

Source From: Sozcu

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