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Barbell rowing – what are the results?

A strong back is an asset for every athlete. Rowing with a barbell strengthens them quickly. How to properly do this exercise? What are the results?

Rowing with a barbell, barbell or dumbbell is one of the most effective exercises for a strong back – it perfectly builds up the back muscles and strengthens them. The advantage of this exercise is that it brings visible results very quickly.

Rowing with a barbell should be included in every training plan. This exercise involves the latissimus dorsi, roundes, trapezius, and accessory muscles. It is worth emphasizing, however, that it is demanding and quite technically difficult – for this reason it is easy to make a mistake. How to correctly do a barbell rowing?

Rowing with a barbell in the fall of the torso – technique

Stable starting position

Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your back straight. Feet must be pressed firmly against the ground, buttocks taut, shoulder blades pulled back. Keep your head straight – this is very important as tilting your head back or forward can strain your spine. The starting position must be stable. Remember your position and do not change it as you go down a slope.

To do a fall, push your hips back and bend your knees at the same time. Lean forward – your back and legs should form a right angle. Your knees may diverge slightly outward as you bend. Now the most important thing is which grip you choose – you can use a grip or a grip. We explain the difference a little further.

The barbell should be grabbed with a grip a little wider than the width of the shoulders. It is important to choose the weight appropriate to your abilities so that the bar does not pull excessively downward. Start by holding the bar in straightened hands.

The final phase of rowing, which is the way up

While grasping the barbell on the ground, bend your elbows and pull the barbell against your stomach (under the stalk) or against your chest (in the stalk). Keep your back straight all the time, do not hump them, move only with your arms. In this exercise, we are actually deadlifting. Then pause up, inhale, and come back to the starting position. Try to make the uphill journey twice as short as the downhill journey. Repeat it rowing with a barbell any number of times.

During the execution of the rowing with a barbell in the descentbreathing is very important – remember to bring the bar closer on the exhale and lower on the inhale.

Rowing with a barbell with an overhand

Rowing with a barbell with an overhand this is the most classic version of the exercise for both the upper and lower back. In case of pulling the barbell under the grip the muscles work a bit differently – when tilting the body, the elbows are closer to each other, thanks to which the rarely used lower area of ​​the lats is activated.

Regardless of the type of grip, this exercise should be done at the beginning of training, when the muscles are not yet tired. The number of repetitions should be adjusted to your abilities. It is optimal to keep them between 4 and 8, focusing on maintaining correct posture with each repetition.

Rowing with a barbell in the descent – what do you need to remember?

  • Always start with a warm-up – this can be done with the bar only, light dumbbells or a barbell with half the load. It is important to do a “trial” series of planned exercises before the actual exercise.
  • Adjust the weight to your abilities – to avoid overloading your spine, start with a light load. At the beginning, they may even be 2-3 kg. The most important thing is the correct technique. If you master it, you can increase the load.
  • Always remember about the correct posture and tone of your abdominals – this is important to avoid overloading.
  • Stop exercising if you feel any discomfort or pain in your spine. Rowing with a barbell is not an exercise suitable for everyone. In this case, choose a different type of training, such as machine exercise, Pilates or yoga. Remember that health is the most important thing.

Rowing with a barbell – effects

Rowing with a barbell in the fall of the torso is a multi-joint exercise that engages not only the back muscles, but also the legs, abdomen and arms. By doing them, we can burn a lot of calories, because the whole body is strongly involved in them.

Rowing with a barbell will help us build solid upper back muscles. However, there are more benefits of doing this exercise – thanks to the position of rowing with a barbell, we strengthen the entire spine and support its stabilization. Rowing with a barbell trains the back, protects the spine from injuries and helps to maintain a straight, correct figure.

A contraindication to exercise rowing with a barbell there are any lower back problems or back disease. Also, if the problem is pain in the shoulder joint or shoulder damage, you should not do this exercise.

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