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JEP definitively denies entry to José Miguel Narváez for Garzón’s crime

The former director of the DAS failed to deliver the truth to the jurisdiction.

The Appeals Section of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) definitively rejected the submission to transitional justice of José Miguel Narváez, former director of the DAS. The JEP affirmed that Narváez had no commitment to the truth in relation to the assassination of comedian Jaime Garzón, the DAS’s links with paramilitaries and various processes in which he is involved. According to this jurisdiction, Narváez failed to fulfill his commitments to deliver the truth, even after the victims asked that the former director be protected in accordance with the truth that he assured that he was going to tell.

In context: JEP gives ultimatum and rejects for now José Miguel Narváez, former deputy director of the DAS

In the order, the Section stated that “the request to submit Narváez Martínez to the JEP created in the victims expectations of accessing the full truth about the people who ordered the murder and how it was planned, which the requester frustrated with his subsequent interventions. The victims hoped that by submitting Narváez to the JEP they could receive the truth about events in which the DAS was involved.

In short, the JEP affirmed that Narváez’s departure corresponds to the fact that the victims did not agree to the truth that he promised to tell. “The victims did not get what the interested party promised. Despite the conviction that was executed during the transitional process, the petitioner did not make any contribution to the full truth and the victims have been spectators of the spurious and superfluous commitment with which Narváez Martínez has remained in the JEP for more than three years, with most of their processes and trials suspended on account of their voluntary submission, ”said the jurisdiction.

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In March of this year, the JEP Definition Chamber rejected him in the first instance, since the proposal he presented did not comply with the truth known within ordinary justice, an instance where he was sentenced in 2021 to 26 years in prison for the murder of Jaime Garzón. In addition, Narváez is being prosecuted for the murder of then Senator Manuel Cepeda Vargas, father of Senator Iván Cepeda and leader of the Patriotic Union, in 1994. He is also accused of being responsible for the kidnapping of today Senator Piedad Córdoba in 1999.

“The JEP, under its purposes of investigating the most serious and representative crimes of the armed conflict, and prosecuting those most responsible, gave Narváez an ultimatum so that in a confidential proceeding he presents a clear and detailed proposal to contribute to the full truth. , reparation and non-repetition, on the serious acts for which he has been investigated in ordinary justice. For example, the murders of Jaime Garzón Forero, Manuel Cepeda Vargas, their relations with paramilitaries, the DAS wiretapping, the kidnapping of Piedad Córdoba, the torture of Claudia Julieta Duque and other crimes,” the JEP stated at the time.

Narváez submitted his request to the JEP in August 2019. Until now, the jurisdiction has managed to collect evidence that allows it to be concluded that the former deputy director “contributed directly to the Auc as an ideologue in the design or construction of a pattern of illicit acts in against the civilian population. In addition to being designated as “Auc professor”, he and one of the minds behind the persecutions and exterminations against academics, journalists and politicians identified as allies of guerrilla groups.

Although Narváez promised to bring the truth to the JEP, his promises were not enough for the jurisdiction. In addition to this, Narváez continued to argue that he was innocent without providing any evidence to prove it. “The interested party cannot insist on denying the final conviction against him, with the allegation that it has been unjust and the product of a corrupt collusion between judicial officials. That allegation configures a breach of his duty to the system and underlines his lack of commitment to contribute to the truth, ”concluded the JEP, which also denied any possibility of holding a reserved hearing with Narváez to deliver confidential truth.

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Source: Elespectador

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