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30,000-year-old mummified baby mammoth discovered in Canada

The mammoth is female and it is estimated that she lived and died 30,000 years ago in the Ice Age.

Photo: Yukon Government

A mummified and largely intact baby woolly mammoth was discovered in a mine in northern Canada, in the traditional territories of the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin First Nation, in Yukon. The discovery of this female mammoth, which is estimated to have lived more than 30 thousand years ago, during the Ice Age, represents the most complete find of a mummified mammoth in North America. Although in 1948 a part of the remains of a baby mammoth had been found in Alaska. the discovery of this new mummified mammoth is more complete, since it has skin and fur.

“Miners working on Eureka Creek discovered the frozen woolly mammoth while digging through permafrost,” the Yukon government reported. The permafrost It is a subsoil layer of the earth’s crust that is permanently frozen. “The elders of Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin called the mammoth calf Nun cho ga, which means ‘large baby animal’ in the Hän language,” the government explained. (You can also read: They find remains of a “pregnant” turtle in the ruins of Pompeii)

Experts in the region indicated that the animal would have died more than 30,000 years ago during the Ice Age when woolly mammoths, wild horses, cave lions and bison. Yukon government paleontologist Dr. Grant Zazula said this is the “most significant paleontological discovery in North America.” The baby mammoth was probably with his mother when she ventured too far and got stuck in the mud, Zazula told El Canal del clima.

Through his Twitter account, the geomorphologist Dan Shugar shared his participation in the recovery of the Nun cho ga mammoth and said that the most surprising aspect of the mammoth is the preservation of the skin, fur, toenails and even the bowels. Shugar indicated that the experts were able to analyze the section of permafrost from which the mammoth came out. (You may be interested in: NASA appoints the Colombian Diana Trujillo as the new flight director)

In 2007 another mummified mammoth was found in Siberia. The animal, named Liouba, lived 42,000 years ago and is estimated to have been the same size as this last mummified mammoth discovered.

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