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the tenderness of the father

The family is the nucleus of society, the most fundamental structure that contains peace and loved ones in our lives. Although the words mother, father, child, which make up this structure, have very different connotations in each of us, the father figure occupies an important place in our lives. The father was sometimes identified with authority, and at other times he created the concept of “the pillar of the house” who did his best to support his family. However, he is the one who gives unrequited love and shows compassion, even if it is not shown much.

Nuri İyem’s work entitled “Good Night Dad”, made in 1977, shows us the father, mother and child who make up the image of a happy family.

In the work, we see a family of three just opposite. Young mother standing and holding her child in her arms. In the foreground, seated at the table consisting of a plate of food and bread, the father walks towards the baby. The boy, who says “good night” to his father, extends his mother’s arms to his father, while the father takes the child’s hand and leans his head towards his cheek. The fact that the father’s head is tilted back draws the viewer’s attention to the father and child. Here the child is like a bridge connecting the two sides of the picture. The artist highlights the sacred relationship between the child and the father by painting the places where the father’s face approaches the child’s face and where the hands meet, in light colors.

When we look behind these characters gathered around a very simple table, we encounter the ordinary realities of the time and the life they lived; On the wall behind the icons hangs a landscape painting reminiscent of the slum and factory landscape, a phenomenon that became common at the time the painting was made. Just below there is a cot and a flowerpot.

In the picture, especially the female symbol stands completely straight. While the father is the symbol of compassion for the painting, the standing mother is almost like a supporting column holding the painting and represents the other strong person in the family.

Color harmony created with dark green, blue and gray tones dominating the image; makes harmony between father, mother and child simple but effective. In this painting, Nuri İyem imagined a pleasant time at home with his unique style, and at the same time showed that a family can withstand any living conditions.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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