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The real problem is climate migration.

The concept of immigrant has been one of the main issues that have been at the center of Turkey’s agenda for some time. Of course, the history of the immigration issue in Turkey is quite complex, but it can be said that the source of the problem is based on situations such as man-made wars and changes of government. Let’s come to another migration problem that is making a lot of noise on a global scale: climate migration…

Droughts, rising sea levels, food problems, difficulties in accessing drinking water are not yet at the red alert level in Turkey! Of course, this is the case for now. Apps designed to save the day don’t serve the solution. Although there are long-term plans, but as a member of the human species who must live in the world, I am worried like many of you about their implementation and the adequacy of the organisms inspection.

This relatively new layer added to our anxiety levels also revealed the “echo anxiety” that took its place in psychology. Even though it is said that we have taken a leap forward as humanity, should this leap forward be like this? I’m sorry, but if every country that’s part of this world doesn’t do what needs to be done, we’ll reach the red alert level faster than we think.

Individuals who have to change their place of residence due to the effects of the climate crisis are called climate migrants. Due to loss of agricultural land, lack of access to water, sudden changes in temperature, loss of biodiversity due to rising waters, loss of livelihoods, people are leaving their home and hit the road.

There are also many opportunists already waiting when desperate people hit the road. There is talk of a concept called “labour agents” in India. These people, who are in a difficult situation, have very few opportunities to choose a job or talk about their employment conditions. When this is the case, they must continue to work under the harshest conditions and with low wages, sometimes with their wages confiscated.

Women and girls have domestic jobs. The conditions are still very bad! I wouldn’t want to share this with you on a Sunday that coincides with Father’s Day as we enter the summer months. Some climate migrant women and girls are forced to work in the sex trade. The rate of those who are exposed to physical and verbal violence in the context of domestic services is very high. Similar situations exist in Pakistan.

In Pakistani culture, there are still local communities that perpetuate nomadism. These local communities have many life teachings that support world stability. For instance; their support for the reduction of first degree combustible plants such as grass and bushes on the paths, which are the migration routes they open with their animals.

When you think of wildfires, you realize what a great service that is. Moreover, the protection of local communities is one of the main indicators of the enhancement of cultural heritage. The United States, which once displaced local communities, now needs local communities to know about the climate crisis. Concurrently, on February 9, 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14013 titled “Reconstruction and Development Planning for Refugee Resettlement Programs and the Impact of Climate Change on Migration.” The significance of this signing marks the first time the U.S. government officially acknowledges the link between climate change and migration.

If I go back to Pakistan; Communities living in the mountains as nomads in the country tend not to return to the mountains due to changing climatic conditions. We should also consider the effects of the climate crisis on cultural assimilation, because the concept of civilization, which people are cheering for the establishment, was created with the emphasis on the word culture.

Most of the migration that will occur due to changing environmental conditions due to the climate crisis will take place within countries themselves. According to the GRID 2022 report from the IDMC (Internal Displacement Monitoring Center); Of the total 38 million internal displacements recorded in 2021, 23.7 million were triggered by disasters.

The top five countries with the highest number of IDPs were Afghanistan (1.4 million), China (9 million 430,000), the Philippines (700,000), Ethiopia (579,000) and South Sudan. South (527,000). On the other hand, the problems related to the uncontrolled increase of the population in certain regions due to drought, the food crisis, the loss of means of subsistence and migrations are the traces of these migrations on the scale world in the years to come.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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