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Aeroflot launches profitable youth fare

Aeroflot has timed the launch of the new fare to the Youth Day. According to the campaign, citizens of the Russian Federation aged 12 to 23 years old can purchase advantageous tickets for flights within the country.

You can fly from Moscow to St. Petersburg for 1,500 rubles. A ticket from the capital to Yekaterinburg will cost 3,500 rubles, from Moscow to Sochi you can fly for 5,500 rubles. Baggage and fees are included in the price.

“The new tariff, created specifically for the youth of Russia, is a manifestation of our responsibility and an additional contribution to expanding the opportunities for the younger generation of Russians to be mobile, discover and get to know their country,” said Aeroflot CEO Sergei Aleksandrovsky.

The tariff for youth is valid on direct flights of Aeroflot and Rossiya airlines under the SU code. You can fly to destinations between Moscow / St. Petersburg / Krasnoyarsk and points of the Russian Federation. A combination is available to clients for transit transportation between Russian cities via Moscow/St. Petersburg/Krasnoyarsk.

You can purchase a promotional ticket and fly until December 31, 2022. Children from 2 to 12 years old traveling with the Youth category receive an additional discount. More details can be found on the promotion page.

Alexandrovsky is convinced that by traveling around Russia, young people will be able to feel pride in their country. “Thanks to the extensive domestic route network of Aeroflot Group and the unprecedented low cost of air travel, you will be able to realize any exciting ideas of affordable and comfortable travel. We are confident that, while getting to know Russia, the younger generation — our future, our continuation — will be justifiably proud of its unique culture and glorious history,” Aeroflot CEO concluded.

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