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Share luck – give life: how Stoloto helps children

Giving hope and life – how CSR “Stoloto” changes the fate of people

Corporate social responsibility of companies as a guarantee of success and development.

Today, corporate social responsibility (CSR) for business is not a manifestation of generosity or a desire to once again remind oneself. Responsibility to society has become part of the strategy, life and culture of any company that strives for sustainable development. We can say that CSR has become more conscious, dictated not by imposed obligations, but by a sincere desire to change the world for the better. Not far behind in this regard is Stoloto, the largest distributor of state lotteries, which is part of the diversified IT holding S8 Capital. The charitable activities of Stoloto are as extensive and rich as possible – helping children, the elderly and the disabled. The company provides great support to Russian sports, as well as to many charitable projects and organizations from its own funds, in excess of the mandatory earmarked contributions required by law.

Cooperation between Stoloto and the Gift of Life Foundation

The Podari Zhizn Foundation has been supporting Stoloto for almost 7 years, since 2015. At first, support consisted of regular donations, and then joint projects and events appeared. For example, in 2021, Stoloto financed the construction of one of the buildings of the Izmalkovo boarding house for children fighting cancer and their parents who come to Moscow for treatment from other regions.

For all caring lottery winners, there is a “Donate” button in your personal account on the official website of and in the company’s mobile application. By clicking on it, you can send part of your winnings to the Gift of Life fund. This button alone brought the fund more than 31 million rubles in five years.

Continuing this good tradition, Stoloto launched the Share Your Luck project. Its meaning is that now not only lottery winners, but also anyone who wishes can make both a one-time donation to the Gift of Life Foundation and subscribe to regular contributions. It is worth noting that now such projects are especially relevant, since many charitable foundations have lost support from abroad.

Big wins for small lives

The stories of the children under the care of the Podari Zhizn Foundation are truly impressive and inspiring. These are stories about how, thanks to the kindness and indifference of ordinary people, children were able to return to normal life, defeating their terrible diseases. Here are some of those stories:

  • Emilia Shumikhina was 3.5 years old when she was diagnosed with a complex case of neuroblastoma – a tumor in the head, at the fourth stage. Now she is eight, and thanks to the fact that the Podari Zhizn foundation covered the cost of expensive surgery and medicines, she recovered from this serious illness;
  • Kostya Evdokimov was 14 years old when he learned that he had myelodysplastic syndrome, the initial stage of leukemia. This is a disease that can only be treated with a bone marrow transplant. The fund raised money for a special drug and the necessary operation. Now the young man is 18 years old – he is studying to be a programmer and really wants to win an eSports tournament;
  • Nikita Markochev fell ill at the age of two, his diagnosis turned out to be extremely rare – aplastic anemia – a disease of the hematopoietic system, in which the bone marrow does not produce enough blood cells. Now he is 5 years old, he is under the supervision of doctors, but is already completely healthy;
  • Margarita Shraer found out in the fourth grade that she had a malignant brain tumor – bifocal germinoma. Thanks to the support of the foundation, the disease completely receded. Now Margarita is 14 years old, she is studying at a music school and wants to become a sound engineer.

CSR “Stoloto” changes people’s lives for the better

The topic of corporate social responsibility for Stoloto is very important and relevant, as it is an opportunity to positively influence the fate of an individual person and society as a whole. That is why, starting from 2021, the company decided to hold an annual call for applications to support charitable projects. Last year, the winners and holders of grants were ANO “Training and Cynological Center” Dogs – Helpers of the Disabled” and charitable foundations for helping children “Compassion” and “Volunteers to help orphans.” In 2022, the company is going to hold two competitions – in spring and autumn, and play three grants, two of 1 million rubles each and one more – in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

In addition, in 2021 Stoloto supported more than twenty Russian projects of various sizes. By the way, Stoloto allocates its own funds for the implementation of charitable activities, which are allocated in excess of earmarked contributions for the development of physical culture and sports – at the end of 2021, their total cumulative total amounted to 17.6 billion rubles. Therefore, we can say that every ticket buyer also participates in charity.


Lotteries are held until 12/31/2029. Draws are held daily/weekly. Information about the lottery organizer; the rules for their conduct; the prize fund, the number of prizes or winnings based on the results of the draws; the terms, place and procedure for obtaining them are available at or by phone 8-900-555-00-55.

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