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Rosaviatsia responded about the safety of Russian aircraft

The Federal Air Transport Agency commented on publications according to which a problem arose in Russia on the topic of flight safety due to the re-registration of civilian ships. Thus, RBC earlier, citing a closed ICAO bulletin, reported that the country “has a significant and still unresolved problem” in this matter. Among other things, it was pointed out that if the Russian authorities did not solve the problem of dual registration of aircraft by September 14, then information about significant security concerns would become publicly available, and the Russian Federation would join Eritrea and Bhutan – states where such problems were officially recognized.

The Federal Air Transport Agency said at the request of Rossiyskaya Gazeta that the department did not change its previously expressed position on security issues. “They stressed that the actions taken by unfriendly countries unilaterally directly violate the key principles of the Chicago Convention, which are to ensure respect for the rights of all members ICAO.

The ministry also said that the decision to transfer the aircraft of Russian airlines to the domestic register of authorities was prompted by the decision of civil aviation representatives from Bermuda and Ireland – they had previously devalued the airworthiness certificates of ships leased by Russian airlines.

The Federal Air Transport Agency added that the registration of ships in the Russian register complies with international law and excludes a decrease in the level of flight safety, since now the liability guarantees lie with the Russian Federation.

Representatives of the department concluded that they reject any concerns expressed by foreign countries regarding the safety of Russian aircraft.

Source From: MK

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