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Memorable women: new schools in Bogotá will have names of outstanding women in Colombia | Bogota news today

Memorable women: new schools in Bogotá will have names of outstanding women in Colombia.

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Have you noticed that most of the schools in Colombia have masculine names? In Bogotá, only 8% of the names of public schools correspond to women. Most are male characters or from the respective neighborhoods or areas in which the institution is located.

Precisely for this reason, from the Secretary of Education of Bogotá the project is underway ‘Memorable Women’an initiative that seeks that the new district schools be named in honor of outstanding women in the country.

Among the honorees is Angela Restrepo Moreno (Colombian microbiologist), Glory Valencia of Chestnut (journalist), Laura Herrera de Varela (rights defender leader) and Emerald Grove of Cadavid (lawyer and politician), to mention some of the names that will be assigned to institutions that have already been completed or are underway.

“In this way, the life story of these ‘Memorable Women’ is expected to have a significant impact and become the role model for thousands of girls and young people of the capital of the country”, they affirm from the educational portfolio of Bogotá.

One of the first linked institutions was the Gloria Valencia de Castaño, located in the town of San Cristóbal. The assignment of the name pointed to recognize contributions to journalism made by this woman made way for his genre in the field of communication.

According to the Ministry of Education, in Bosa the works of three official schools have already been completed, which will be named as follows:

The institution located on the Encenillos property was assigned the name of the leader and human rights defender of the women in Sumapaz Laura Herrera de Varela.

The school located on the La Palestina property will bear the name of Esmeralda Arboleda Cadavid, lawyer and politician, who was the first female senator of the Republic from Colombia.

And, finally, the campus built on the Plaza Logística property was assigned the name of Sonia Osorio of Saint-Malodancer and choreographer founder of the Colombian Ballet.

In the town of Ciudad Bolívar, the inhabitants of the Sierra Morena neighborhood chose the name of the scientist, researcher and teacher Ángela Restrepo Moreno for the official school that will be delivered to the community in the coming weeks.

And in Engativá, the Porvenir property was assigned with the name of the writer, teacher and anthropologist Lucila Rubio de Laverdewhile in Kennedy, the institution called Ciudad de Techo I will bear the name of Emma Reyes, artist, painter, cartoonist and writer.

Although it seems minimal, it is a commitment to recognize the contributions of these women in Colombian history. It is an advance for the new generations to grow up with national female referents in the different areas and prompt you to follow in their footsteps.

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