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Enrollment in district schools 2023: Requirements, deadlines and institutions | Bogota News Today

Enrollment in district schools 2023: requirements, deadlines and institutions.

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From the District Secretary of Education It was notified that registration is now open for those parents who wish to enroll or change their children to district schools in 2023. Let us remember that in Bogotá there are 400 public schools, administered by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, which have 750 offices in 20 locations.

If you are interested in applying for a new school quota, you can do it for all grades from September 8 to October 3 of 2022 from the portfolio website.

Once on the page you should have at hand the entity document of the guardian and studenta service receipt public where you live, a cell phone number and email electronic.

If you are interested in getting a seat for a disabled minoryou must additionally attach the diagnosis and medical certification issued. In turn, if you want to change one of your children so that they stay with their siblings, you must attach the identity document of the minor who is already in the institution where you want to get the additional place.

When I am filling out the form and I reach the option of ‘Select schools of your choice‘ you can choose minimum 3 and maximum 10 that are close to your location. Remember that you must locate them in a hierarchical manner, the first being the closest to your home.

Once this is done, you should be aware of the publication of the results to be carried out from November 11 to 28 for preschool grades and of December 14 to January 17 from 2023 for quotas from first grade onwards.

It should be noted that once the allocation of the quota has been notified, You will have to accept within a maximum period of 5 business days after the publication of the result. If he does not, it will be understood that he is not interested and he will be released.

As a third step you will have to formalize enrollment, approaching (within the period mentioned above) the assigned school and taking the required documentation. Among the documents that may be requested is copy of the civil registry or identity document, parent’s identity card, vaccination card up to date, affiliation to the General Social Security System, school certifications from previous grades and a digital photo.

For registration of students from Venezuela may ask for a copy of your identity document, be it a visa, Special Stay Permit or foreign identity card of both the minor and their parents or guardians.

Additionally, a copy of the school certificate or copy of report card of the grade prior to the one requested. This must be legalized and apostilled. In case of not having it, the institution will carry out a free pedagogical assessment to assess prior knowledge for placement in the appropriate school grade.

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