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What’s worth seeing in Xiamen? Attractions and aesthetics of the port city of China

Xiamen (China) is a city located on the Taiwan Strait in the southeastern part of China. Xiamen is one of the exemplary port cities of the Middle Kingdom, and many other, younger and more urbanized cities are modeled on Xiamen. Check out what to see when traveling to Xiamen!

Xiamen in China is an incredibly diverse place – on the one hand, it is a rich and thriving holiday resort, providing coastal comfort and sea excursions. Xiamen city center, on the other hand, is very modern. You can find here not only monuments, but also many Western-style attractions. Outside the city center, the old but charming Xiamen with traditional architecture awaits.

Xiamen – city characteristics

Xiamen (China) is a port city located on the southeast coast of China. Xiamen serves, among others, as a holiday center (due to its access to the sea), a modern economic center of Fujian Province, as well as a high-tech industry center – electronics, metallurgy, machinery, petrochemical, textile, chemical and shipbuilding. It is estimated that in Xiamen there are approximately 750,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, the population of Xiamen, including the urbanized zone of the surrounding villages and small towns around Xiamen, is even 2.17 million people.

Chinese Xiamen has a large airport and its own college – Xiamen University. The city is divided into six major administrative regions: Siming, Jimei, Tong’an, Huli, Haicang, and Xiang’an. In addition, Xiamen manages the nearby tiny islands, which are mainly tourist because of their beautiful and unusual location.

Xiamen – climate and surroundings

Xiamen’s location is one of the reasons why it is worth visiting. Xiamen is located on one side at the foot of mountains and dense forests, on the other – by the ocean, thanks to which tourists have the opportunity to take advantage of the sandy beaches of the city. Xiamen is considered to be one of the greenest cities in China. The city authorities are actively investing in spatial management, taking into account tourist needs – water and ecological parks are being created, and some of them are created on the water near the coast or on the surrounding Xiamen islands. One of the islands, “The Heron Island”, is known for its unique species of endangered birds. The temperatures in Xiamen also vary relatively well. The average temperature is around 21 ℃, winter is mild (a few to even a dozen or so degrees), while in summer, especially in July and August, temperatures can be as high as 38 ℃ in the shade, although they usually oscillate around 28–30 ℃. For those who do not like high temperatures, but at the same time do not like cold, late autumn in Poland, a good solution is trip to Xiamen in October or November – then there are moderate temperatures of 16–21 ℃.

Xiamen – what is worth visiting and seeing?

In Xiamen it is definitely worth taking a stroll through the streets and getting to know the life of a city specific to Europeans, where there is always something going on. The cosmopolitan center of Xiamen offers many modern comforts. There are many four and five-star hotels, cinemas, restaurants, shops and European-style squares in the city. Being in the area is a must try local Xiamen delicacies. Many species of animals are bred in the Xiamen area, so both on the street stalls and in the restaurant menu there are, for example, fish and seafood, various types of meat, including alligator meat, turtle, and various types of insects. The Nanputuo Temple, built during the Tang Dynasty (617–907 AD), is also worth visiting. The temple is interesting because it contains a number of sculptures of the Buddha showing his various periods of life. Admission to this ornate Buddhist temple is free. Within the temple complex there is a vegetarian restaurant offering dishes referring to the authentic diet of Buddhist monks. Xiamen is modeled on modern resorts in an occasional style, therefore, it offers many attractions well known to tourists from the West. You can decide, among others for quad biking, laser paintball in forested mountains and water excursions. Not far from Xiamen, there is the Gulangyu Island (it can be reached by ferry from Xiamen), which is also worth visiting during a trip to these parts of China. The island has a hundred-meter-high “Sun Rock” with an observation deck, as well as many charming places, such as, for example, Shuzhuang Garden. Gulangyu is known as “island of pianos ” or “Music Island”, as there are over 200 pianos on it – most of them original and inviting to visit the Piano Museum. Importantly, the island is only 316 ha and you can only move around on foot.

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