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The story of the existence of a republican woman!


– Mrs Sedef, first of all, we are enlightened. You have been released. The woman who chose her life: “The professor of professors” Your book Nermin Abadan Unat has been published with new additions. First of all, I would like to ask why this is such a book.

teacher. Nermin Abadan Unatin his life of more than 100 years, HitlerHe has witnessed every step of the struggle for democracy since he listened to the voice of . Republic It is a true model from which we can all draw inspiration, which has successfully represented its values ​​on the international scene.

To bring such a portrait to the younger generations, “like a movie” revealing a life and serving as a bridge between cultures are the main reasons why I wrote this book.


– In the history of the century-old Republic, what kinds of events coincide with Nermin Hanım’s work as a scientist in our modernization efforts?

The years following the founding of the Republic, the years when society mobilized for the development of the country… The youth of the time received a good education and became a profession with the ideal of being beneficial to society . They try to contribute to the development of the country with their heart and soul in their professional life.

Youth Nermine is one of those who make great efforts both in training and in professional life with such a mission. He is an intellectual who chose Turkey as his homeland, wrote many academic works in the Turkish language which he later learned and internalized the values ​​of the republic. Her research on women’s rights, the experiences of Turks who immigrated to Germany and the relationship between politics and the media are of universal value.


– What is Mrs. Nermin’s view of future generations, those who are still trying to project themselves into the youth? What questions should not be neglected during your evaluation?

Nermin Hodjathe power to cling to life, its will to produce and its attitude which does not neglect its social life are the main characteristics that should be taken as an example.

Its approach, which follows change, respects differences and analyzes all kinds of questions in the light of science, should not be overlooked. It feeds on the depths of history, but it also follows the current very closely.

General cultural monument. He looks at life with lots of colors and layers.

For example, he follows the latest trends in the fashion world as well as the latest developments in politics. He knows that life is not only business or professional life, but also to enjoy life.


– What are your new book designs?

I plan to write my next book on leadership. Leadership based on fortitude, courage and zeal. It’s easy to be a leader where everyone is cheering for you, it’s about not giving up on what you believe in when times get tough and moving on…

Despite everything, how not to give up and fight? Where do we find this fighting force? What exams will we pass and reveal the model of social leadership?

I will try to convey my messages about leadership, using the conditions of unfair competition in the media world, the difficulties of professional and private life, and the things that political pressure has stolen from our lives, with my identity as journalist, woman and even a free woman journalist.

Again, the sumerologist, I believe, is an excellent role model for society. Muazzez İlmiye avalancheI wrote the life of extremely powerful updated version of the book Remzi BookstoreHe will go out. I share women’s success stories Textured silk creations I will continue the series.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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