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Report on Discrimination against Children Not Attending Religion. “There are altar boys”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has published a report on the inequalities in the rights of students who do not attend religion. During the year, over 2,000 reports of behavior discriminating against children and adolescents were received.

Map of (in) equality at school

The Freedom from Religion Foundation made public the results of the report on the inequalities in the rights of students not attending religious education at school. As it turns out, the largest number of reports was received in Warsaw.

According to the authors of the report, this should not be interpreted as an above-average accumulation of irregularities in this city. The results demonstrate greater awareness and reporting possibilities (significant population density).

Students discriminated against in schools? Report results

Most complaints concerned the category “Irregularities in the organization of religion and ethics lessons in schools and kindergartens”. They accounted for 39% of all indications. Parents complained that their children had to wait until late afternoon hours for ethics, and that they had a break due to religion lessons in a common room or were left unattended.

Once I got an offer, if I remember correctly, to attend ethics lessons on Fridays at 6:00 PM. I don’t know if anyone has benefited – I doubt. However, religion lessons were always conveniently held

The second category of submissions was “Symbolic Violence and School Values” (33%).

It promotes and distinguishes boys who are altar boys. A catechist more important than the headmaster. Religion checks what the kids have sandwiches with. If it is Friday and the rolls are made of cold cuts or meat, they should be thrown in the trash. One big brainwashing for kids

The third most frequently mentioned group of discrimination were reports concerning “Mass, retreats, parare-religious school events”.

Beginning of the year, Grandma’s Day, Mother’s Day – children’s performances are organized in the church. Teachers have a responsibility to be and participate. The school corridor and a large part of the classrooms are one big religious newspaper

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