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The mother of a two-year-old toddler beaten in a Kurgan orphanage was found

The faces of the adolescents are not visible in the footage. One is sitting on a bed, apparently in a children’s bedroom, the other is filming what is happening on camera. The kid is offered an orange, he reaches for it, but gets slaps and blows from the guy sprawled on the bed, falls to the floor. The one who shoots the video kicks the boy. In other shots, the elders ask the child if he will smoke. He answers “yes”, they blow a stream of smoke into his mouth, beat him on the back of the head. The kid squeaks in pain.

The shots are not for the faint of heart, but even worse is the fact that what is happening looks everyday: in the background one of the adults is quietly walking – either a teacher or a nanny, going about his business. When smoke is blown into the child’s face, a woman’s voice says something, but the words cannot be made out, since some of the conversations on the video are “snapped”.

The video, as it turned out, was posted in one of the Kurgan groups on social networks by the former pupil of the orphanage Snezhana T. The girl told local journalists that the video was shown to her by a friend who had recently graduated from the Kipelsky orphanage, with the words: “Look what V. threw me off.” V. – this is the teenager who mocked the baby.

So V. decided to attract the attention of a girl he likes, to show how “cool” he is. Snezhana was indignant – she herself was brought up in another orphanage, where the elders did not scoff at the little ones. T. considered that the incident should be made public.

The recording caused a huge resonance. The incident became known to the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Russian Federation, Maria Lvova-Belova, she sent inquiries to regional structures. The police, the prosecutor’s office, and the investigating authorities were involved in the proceedings.

The identity of the teenagers was established. 16-year-old V. was transferred to a temporary detention center, and later charged under the article “Torture”, the court placed him in a pre-trial detention center. The second pupil was brought in under an administrative article. The case was taken under their personal control by the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, and the prosecutor of the Kurgan region, Andrei Nazarov.

As the ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Kurgan region Alena Lopatina told MK, the baby is now safe. He was examined by doctors: no abnormalities were found, his health was normal. Now he lives in the same room with his three siblings, next to him is his sister.

According to Lopatina, she visited the orphanage, talked with all of its pupils. “All the guys feel good, comfortable, including the kids,” the official said. – Nothing threatens them. All the children are surprised by the fact that was made public, they say that this was not expected from a teenager. “

Also, according to Lopatina, the main department of social protection of the population in the region and the guardianship authorities carried out an official check. “Serious disciplinary measures” were taken against the orphanage employees, with some of them canceled their employment contracts. “In the near future, we will check other organizations for orphans,” said Lopatina.

The regional department of the Investigative Committee reported that a criminal case was also opened against the employees of the orphanage – about negligence.

Many users of Kurgan social networks were outraged by the message that V. had been placed in a pre-trial detention center. They sympathize with the baby, but at the same time they believe that serious educational work could be carried out with the teenager. And educators need to be punished for being missed. “Now the guy, of course, will be re-educated by the convicts in the colony. And he will come out embittered all over the world, “people write.

“MK” found a page of the monster in social networks. The teenager loved to be photographed, often posted his pictures – sometimes with a cigarette, then with a beer, then driving a foreign car. Under the photo, posted in late October, he wrote: “The sun is shining, the plan is smoking, and I am already killed in the morning.” Perhaps he quoted one of the rappers whose tracks he constantly uploaded. I wonder if someone from the orphanage paid attention to this post?

We learned what the mother of the child was telling about this situation. Inna (name has been changed. – Author) lives in Kurgan. She said that the baby, who was bullied by the teenagers, was 2 months old when he and her other four children were taken from the family by the guardianship authorities. The eldest is now nine years old, the daughter is six, and her two sons, who are in the orphanage, are 4 and 3 years old.

According to Inna, she took care of the children, they never went hungry. The family moved to Kurgan from the village, where, according to the mother., They were “set on fire and this is officially proven,” although there are rumors that it was she herself who set the fire.

“Our housing has not burned down – only a bathhouse and outbuildings. And the housing that we rented in Kurgan did not meet the conditions. It is small, and we have not really had time to transport all the things. Due to the fact that there are a lot of children, and the room is very small, at the time of the arrival of the guardianship authorities there was a mess, ”the woman explained.

Inna and her husband were worried about what had happened. “I’m not trying to whitewash myself that they just took my children away, but I fixed everything a long time ago,” she says. The couple had another child, now he is 4 months old.

And on August 8, a new misfortune came to the family – Inna’s husband died. “Due to an accident,” she explains, “I fell from a height at work.”

Children are not returned to her. “I really want this, but for some reason any of my actions is regarded as a pursuit of money,” she says.

When the video of bullying got on the Internet, Inna immediately called the orphanage and asked why her child was being bullied. The answer shocked the mother. “I was told that not everything is so scary, it’s a game form. But the game can’t be like that, it’s awful, ”she sobs.

Now the woman, in her words, is “very, very scared.” She understands that the outbreak of the scandal, most likely, will only complicate her situation. “Because our former fellow villagers twist the situation in such a way that supposedly my children were starving. The neighbors told me that a film crew had already arrived in the village. But I haven’t lived there for over two years. And how can former fellow villagers know what situation I live in now and may or may not be raising children. I don’t understand why they are being questioned at all. “

She also said that due to the fact that the children are now being raised by the state, she was obliged to pay child support. And she has already accumulated a huge debt – about 300 thousand rubles.

The situation was commented on by the former pupil of the orphanage, a specialist in the field of social orphanhood, Alexander Gezalov.

“Everything is very well known about this orphanage: a lot was there. And now, when it was necessary to open a covid hospital, children from the Orphanage were sent there. Without thinking at all. It’s like being sent to jail right away. I believe that whoever did this committed a crime.

It is necessary to build a whole model of accompanying this family and look at its resilience. Carry out scrupulous analytical work in order to understand what the mother’s income will be, how she will cope with kindergartens, where to get help, where to get clothes for children, diapers, toys. Most likely, it is necessary to replace the furnishings in their house, purchase furniture and bed linen. “


Source From: MK

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