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TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov called the majority of viewers “idiots”

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov said in an interview with Express Gazeta that modern Russian television has returned to the situation of the 1980s, or even the 1970s. “Now 80 percent of viewers are idiots, while 20 are smart people with whom there is something to talk about,” the artist emphasized. He emphasized that the whole difference is that then they did not think about money.

And later, people who brought vulgarity came to television. Money began to occupy an important place, but for Dibrov all this was unacceptable, he was a supporter of “Tarkovism”. However, the journalist asked a counter question to Dibrov – isn’t playing for money in his “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is not vulgarity. The TV presenter explained that in his show the most incredible situations are played out, and there is “Zoshchenko’s teasing.” “I believe that our program is for intelligent people,” says Dibrov.

Dibrov also admitted that he receives a salary of 3.5 million rubles.

In addition, Dibrov criticized Sergei Dorenko, whom he called a “narcissistic type,” ready for anything for the sake of money. The showman explained that Dorenko became not handshakeable among journalists after he “soaked” first Luzhkov, and then other well-known politicians. “Seryozha was only worried about the grandmother,” said Dibrov.


Source From: MK

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