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“Smolensky Passage 2” opened the doors for the capital’s shopping lovers

The iconic trade facility began work with the opening of the famous Finnish department store of 7,500 sq. m.

On Tuesday, November 16, the grand opening of Smolensky Passage 2 took place in Moscow. The presentation of the new shopping center became a significant event in the world of Moscow commercial real estate in 2021.

The building of the new TDK became the final stage in the construction of a large-scale architectural ensemble of architects from the Tsimailo and Lyashenko bureau. “Smolensky Passage 2” is located next to the historic building of the first “Smolensky Passage” built in 1998.

The new facility can claim to be one of the most modern trading floors in the capital. Unique concepts of space organization will impress the most demanding Moscow fashionistas and shopping lovers.

The famous Finnish department store STOCKMANN with an area of ​​7,500 sq. M is located on three floors of the complex. m. On the third floor of the department store, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the Garden Ring in a cozy cafe. In addition to the Finnish department store, the TDK building houses other famous brands, and in December a cinema will open on the 4th floor of the complex.

“With the opening of the STOCKMANN store, we are announcing the long-awaited launch of a landmark for Moscow facility – the Smolensky Passage 2 shopping center. The return of the famous retailer marked the completion of the construction of a large-scale architectural ensemble adjacent to the legendary Smolensky Passage building, built in 1998 on the front line of the Garden Ring. Despite the fact that each facility is a self-sufficient shopping center, together they create a single space where visitors will have access to a full range of goods, services and entertainment. For “Corporation A.N.D.” Smolensky Passage 2 is a flagship project that will represent the company in the very center of the capital. It will undoubtedly take a key place in the company’s portfolio for the coming years “, – said the General Director of the Corporation A.N.D. Sait-Salam Gutseriev.


Source From: MK

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