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Immunologist Kryuchkov urged to expand the list of Russians who are entitled to QR codes

Get vaccinated, get a QR code and you will be fine. This follows from the recipe for defeating the coronavirus voiced at a high level. But theory is at odds with practice. This has already been understood by many “lucky ones” who fell ill after vaccination. Stories that the annual certificate of a vaccinated person is reduced to six months for a person who has been ill have become widespread on the Web. MK decided to investigate the situation.

Muscovite Ivan became the proud owner of a vaccination certificate with all the “buns” due. Then he fell ill, recovered and the other day discovered that he no longer had any annual certificate, but only a half-year certificate of the patient who had recovered.

It turns out that its history is not a lag of the system at all, but a new norm. Those who got sick after vaccination suddenly realize that now their “long” certificates have burned out, and instead of them there are “short” ones. “What is the logic,” says Maria from Kaluga. – After the disease, the vaccinated usually significantly increase antibodies. I just picked it up from a child, was asymptomatic (only the express test is positive) – so antibodies after 2 weeks were 3000 BAU, even after revaccination I didn’t have that much (last summer I measured it, it was 1000). And the point would be to shorten my code time? “

“And my antibodies went off scale after the illness, a month and a half ago they were higher than high. And in two weeks I will be left without the inoculation QR code. I don’t see any logic, ”says Elena.

Victoria was vaccinated in April / May, got sick in July: “Antibodies in November -” ceiling “! But, according to the new rules, I have to revaccinate in January … “

“I’m in the same situation: I got sick after revac, that is, after 4 vaccinations,” Larisa shares her experience. – And my hybrid immunity is nothing compared to the immunity of those who injected themselves with a single dose and can do nothing for 1 year? What is the logic behind decision-makers? Another question arises: what vaccine should I make six months after the illness, if revaccination did not give me an increase in antibodies from the word at all? “

For many people, the “reduction” of the quar code came as a complete surprise. For example, one man discovered that his certificate was “rotten” the night he boarded a plane. “Quar-code is an unreliable thing, it can be deprived at any moment,” he complains now.

According to journalist Mikhail Zelensky, who conducted an investigation into this, the reason is that since November 8, the State Services have radically updated the certificate system and created a single QR code for each person. This update did not come without consequences. If a person is vaccinated, and then recovers, then in accordance with the new system of State Services, only the last certificate is taken into account.

Now everyone who has faced such problems is perplexed: according to the logic of things, the action of the quar code in vaccinated patients who have been ill needs to be extended. In addition, it is quite obvious that the opening prospects will lead to the fact that vaccinated sick people simply stop going to doctors, they will hide the fact of the disease and spread the virus. Along the way, another important social task of the state will be solved – the effectiveness of vaccination will “increase”.

“Take a screenshot of all the cuars,” advises Internet user Dmitry. – At the moment I have 5 workers. Two – the old model (until mid-summer 2021), two new (before November 8) and one – the newest model after November 8. “

As the well-known immunologist, director of the contract research company Nikolai Kryuchkov told the MK columnist, the policy of issuing certificates is very strange from all points of view:

– Initially, a strange decision was made to issue certificates of vaccination for a year – taking into account the fact that it was declared that in six months it is necessary to revaccinate. Apparently, this was due to the fact that there were very few vaccines at that time. I think the correct validity period for the certificate is seven months, since people must have a time gap to receive the third dose of the vaccine. Now new vaccination certificates have been issued for six months. Therefore, for unknown administrative reasons, it happens that those who received them earlier, but had been ill, end up with a shortened certificate. But in general, the problem with quar codes goes beyond what you have indicated. The list of categories of people to whom they should be issued should be significantly expanded. At least three more categories. First: people who are involved in clinical trials of new vaccines. Now they do not have any rights – they are not allowed to vaccinate with anything else for six months or 9 months, but they do not receive quar codes and certificates. Second: people with antibodies. A lot of people have encountered the infection, but did not register their disease. And now they have a lot of antibodies, but they have no indulgences, which is unfair. If a person has antibodies for S1 or RBD protein more than 300 BAU, they need to be issued a certificate for at least a month, if more than 500 – for 2 months, if more than 1000 – for 3 months. Antibodies fall very quickly, so the period should be limited. Third: those who were vaccinated with foreign vaccines, at least those approved by the WHO – and there are also a lot of such people. Why do they have to inject with something in addition to get some rights in their country?

– Are there any unequivocal studies that would show which immunity is stronger – vaccinated, recovered or in a hybrid?

– There are no such unambiguous studies. Of course, the immunity of those who have been ill and vaccinated is qualitatively different, and it is believed that hybrid immunity is better. But here you need to understand how much better. It cannot be argued that a disease gives incomparably stronger immunity than a vaccine: it is just that during a disease or vaccination, different links of immunity are activated. The vaccine does not contain the full spectrum of immunity antibodies, but this does not mean that immunity after it will be less effective. Sometimes I hear statements from the luminaries of medicine: they say, there is no such disease that would give less strong immunity than vaccination. False: For example, tetanus. The disease does not give immunity at all, but the vaccine does, and it is very strong. And getting sick with coronavirus for the sake of getting immunity is a very risky idea.


Source From: MK

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