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Parents of 9-year-old student Teplyakova signed a petition against themselves

The father and mother of a nine-year-old Moscow State University student Alisa Teplyakova signed a petition against themselves. Evgeny Teplyakov told about this. He added that the family took it as a joke. Therefore, we signed.

At the same time, he claims that this petition only shows how few haters the Teplyakovs have and “how inadequate they are.” In addition, the husband and wife left a comment: “Ay-yay-yay, what a horror, everyone needs to be checked!”

He added that all this would have remained humor if “it had not been for the subsequent reaction to the petition of the Ombudsman,” Moslenta writes. Evgeniy added that usually the children’s ombudsman should stand up to protect children. In such a situation, according to him, “they have no reason to consider the family unsuccessful, since it is prosperous.”

Evgeny recalled that three instances are already collecting documents on the Teplyakovs. All because of the “Parental Glory” nomination. If they found out that they were not doing well, there would be a reaction from the authorities. Nevertheless, all the documents for the nomination have already gone to the administration of the President of Russia.

Earlier, a group of initiative citizens “took care of the health and psychological state” of the Teplyakovs’ children, as well as the living conditions in which they live. As a result, a petition was created, addressed to the children’s ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. In it, citizens demand from the guardianship authorities to check the living conditions of the family. They also ask to deal with the educational institution that issues diplomas to their children.

As a result, Lvova-Belova noted that the authorities are aware of the requests of the townspeople. However, they are in no hurry to interfere in the affairs of the family. The children’s ombudsman also clarified that the department is now collecting complete information about the Teplyakovs.

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Source From: MK

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