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Ukraine: A startup creates 10,000 NFTs to support war refugees

NFTs find themselves increasingly involved in solidarity actions. Indeed, many initiatives using this technology have emerged since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, in order to support the efforts of the Ukrainians during the war against Russia. In this spirit, the blockchain startup IamUkraine Studio launched a collection of NFTs bearing the likeness of Volodymyr Zelensky to honor the bravery of the people of which he is the President. The project has already received support from multiple charities in Europe.

NFTs in favor of Ukraine

The collection Zelenskiy NFT is a selection of 10,000 NFTs issued on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Each collectible illustrates President Zelenskiy in different aspects. Each reflecting both prosperity and national cohesion within Ukraine.

The objective of this initiative is to raise funds for Ukrainian disaster relief and, in general, to promote humanitarian aid. The project also aims to bring together donors from all walks of life around a single and transparent support mechanism.

The NFTs in question are ERC-721 tokens available on the OpenSea platform. They are offered for purchase in two stages. First, during a pre-sale of 2,000 Zelenskiy NFT, each sold for 0.15 ETH. Then, 7,500 NFTs from the collection will be offered for public sale at a unit price of 0.2 ETH. In addition, it is planned that 500 NFTs will be distributed for free to war heroes and active members of the community.

Investors can buy as many collectibles as they want. However, the number of acquisitions per person is limited over a given period. This measure is intended to allow the participation of the greatest number of people.

Strengthen the actions carried out by associations

Proceeds from the auction will primarily go to charity. They will be used to deliver food and health supplies to war-affected Ukrainian communities.

Funding will be divided between organizations established in Ukraine and those of the European Union. This initiative benefits from the support of a host of local and foreign humanitarian structures. It is : Stand With Ukraine, People’s Coalition, The Right To Life, DonorUA, artlife, Med-Soyuz, Razom, BALU and Ukrainian Will Movement.

The remaining financial resources will be used to support the development of the project over time. Indeed, in the long term, the objective of the initiators of this action is to create a more complete ecosystem. The latter will integrate, among other things, decentralized finance services (DeFi) and a native token, the ZELIK (ZLK).

The project Zelenskiy NFT is a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be used to advance social causes. Thanks to this initiative, it becomes even easier to raise funds to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. This is a great opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help improve the lives of people affected by this conflict.

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Source: Cointribune

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