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The cryptocurrency VeChain (VET) officially partner of the UFC

We all know someone who follows the fighting championships. And we all know a cryptocurrency enthusiast. The UFC-VeChain partnership celebrates the union of these two fields. Recently, we have seen how traditional companies are getting into the Web3 ecosystem and vice versa. From wedding planners to tourism agencies, everyone wants to ride the trend. The world of sports is no exception and the collaboration between VeChain and the UFC is an amazing example.

Announcement of the partnership between the UFC and the cryptocurrency VeChain

What is the partnership between VeChain and UFC all about?

Integrating the world of cryptocurrencies represents an innovative approach for traditional companies. But getting into traditional marketing, for blockchain companies, also remains an important step. Recently, VeChain, a platform designed to improve supply chain management and business processes, has made a name for itself in the marketing space.

This million-dollar partnership would allow the UFC to set up a variety of integrations on its social platforms on the Internet. VeChain brand assets will go live during UFC 275: Teixeira vs Prochazka at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, June 11. It is also the first UFC Pay-per-View, or pay-per-view, event in Southeast Asia. According to reports, the deal was done for nearly $100 million. Previously, the UFC had already partnered with blockchain companies such as, Socios or Dapper Labs.

What to expect with this collaboration?

Founded in 2015, VeChain operated as a private network and later transitioned to a public network. It has partnered with both governments and companies like Walmart and Bayer. Thanks to this partnership with the UFC, the VeChain logos will be featured on the Octagon. Fightwear and other content will distribute through UFC digital platforms.

In addition to that, VeChain will also be featured on original content provided by UFC. Additionally, he will own the official title of UFC Fighter Ratings, displayed at live events.


There’s a lot going on between traditional businesses and cryptocurrency-related businesses. This shows a clear acceptance of the blockchain ecosystem in daily life. These innovations are likely to engage more audiences in the cryptocurrency space. This is great news for companies in the blockchain industry who want to get as much information as possible out to as many people as possible. The Singapore event will be an essential day to mark the partnership between the UFC and the VeChain project.

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Source: Cointribune

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