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Gala Games (GALA): Fortitude, gameplay overview

Fortitude is a game of Tower Defense developed by Gala Games. Its release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year 2022. This article provides an overview of the gameplay, and its particularities compared to classic Tower Defense games which are often very repetitive.

Fortitude Clan Gameplay Preview

Richer gameplay and structure on Fortitude

Fortitude stands out from classic Tower Defense games with its gameplay and the diversity of existing structures. Indeed, Gala Games wants to stand out from its boring and uninviting competitors. It relies on a very rich gameplay and a very attractive design. Players are treated to a wide selection of defensive structures, such as cannon towers, arrow towers, and magic buildings. Thus, everything is not only based on the strength of attack, but also on the strategy to adopt to defend.

Besides, the narration is very captivating, because the game takes place in a fantasy world, where everyone must form a clan to fight and defend their lands. Each battle will earn you NFT tokens.

The NFT Clan to start earning currencies on Fortitude

To be able to be profitable and progress in the game, each player must understand the functioning and the interest of having a clan. Each participant must own a competitive clan, with an impenetrable fortress, in order to be able to win the battles. A Lord can become a King once he has an NFT Clan. He can then receive income in tokens from the lords of his clan.

In addition, each player can earn currency by completing weekly missions, the rewards of which vary depending on the difficulty. They can also redo the same tasks to generate the same amount of rewards and points over time.

The reward according to the level of victory

The last way to earn points and tokens is to fight and win against your opponents. To do this, players must destroy them effectively to earn crowns, which can be converted into points, depending on your courage.

The number of tokens that the participants will receive depends on the effectiveness of the attacks during the battle against the enemies. The level 1 victory is awarded to the player who was able to destroy the town hall or 50% of the enemy buildings. Level 2 victory goes to those who were able to destroy more than 50%, and level 3 to those who completely destroy the enemy base. The more players level up, the more crowns they receive.


Fortitude seems to be really promising as a Tower Defense game within the Web3. Gala Games makes sure that it does not stupidly repeat the principles of classic games, but adds many assets to best engage players. It just remains to be seen whether expectations will match expectations.

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