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Ultra (UOS): Collaboration with Avant Labs for its game Elarium

The game project for the Ultra blockchain aims to be based on an innovative concept, offering the best possible player experience. This is why a collaboration was born between Ultra Games and Avant Labs.

Introducing Elarium and the Avant Labs Partnership

Avant Labs and Ultra Games partnership

For the distribution and launch of the Elarium game, a collaboration was born between Avant Labs and Ultra Games. But why did Avant Labs choose the Ultra blockchain? The desire of the Avant Labs studio is to put new technologies at the service of blockchain games. Thus, players can enjoy a better experience.

For its part, Ultra Games wants the experience of play-to-earn players to be as unforgettable as it is fantastic. It is in this perspective that the partnership of Ultra Games and Avant Labs was born for the realization of Elarium.

Focus on Elarium, the game Play-to-Earn of the Ultra Blockchain

Elarium is a game Play-to-Earn (P2E) of the Ultra blockchain. It’s an FPS (first person) shooter, set in a post-apocalyptic future, after a terrible war. Players land in historic locations and play an important role in the storyline.

The principle of the game revolves in particular around skins, that is to say the appearance of objects and characters and the integration of NFTs. A single skin model corresponds to a full-fledged NFT. The aspect, rarity level and state of decay will determine the value of the NFT that players can trade, sell or bet. Some skins are therefore easier to obtain, but will have a fairly low value. Others may have great value, but are difficult to access. The NFT collections available in the game are the Humans, Akaris, and Zoyds races.

To better stand out, Ultra offers many possibilities for mint with the different collections. Some will be free, and others will be auctioned. Early access to the game is also requested to take advantage of some advantages on collectible NFTs. The game will be released in the first quarter of 2023.


The collaboration between Avant Labs and Ultra Games promises to be rich in experiences and should make it possible to highlight new innovative concepts. Known Elarium Sneak Peeks Reveal Aspects Players Of Play-to-Earn have not known so far. The members of the Ultra platform are therefore impatiently awaiting the release of the game. Will it live up to our expectations?

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Source: Cointribune

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