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Mother’s Day: How about we start talking to mom about cryptocurrency?

Mother’s Day is approaching: we will celebrate it on May 29th. It’s time to talk to our mother about cryptocurrency. No need to be held back by the technical terms related to this universe, simple metaphors are at your fingertips. Why not think of a hardware wallet filled with crypto assets as a family heirloom? Or simply give him the opportunity to free himself financially, given the uncertainties that our future represents.

Chat, talk to mom about crypto

The concept of Web3 is not so easy to grasp, even for the most seasoned computer scientist. Talking about it to our loved ones can be like an obstacle course. But it could be that our mothers have already heard of cryptocurrencies without having grasped the essentials. Let’s face it, not all mothers in the world are like US Senator Cynthia Lummis.

Hence the need to intervene.

At the same time, our world has no shortage of charlatans capable of destroying any good will to spread the Good News. Scams, attacks fishing, hack, crashes of all kinds have followed one another in the world of cryptocurrency. In the logic of things, these malicious acts will form an obstacle in its appropriation of the stakes of cryptocurrency.

What kind of person would be able to talk to mom about cryptocurrency effectively? You, of course.

Go for it since she really deserves to know more about crypto assets. But do not go so far as to flaunt your knowledge or your assets held in your wallet. Start at the beginning: talk to your mother about cryptocurrency by talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because those are the basics.

Why Bitcoin? It represents everything that is easier to explain for an experienced cryptocurrency user. Unless you decide to give her Satoshi Nakamoto’s white book as a Mother’s Day gift. You might as well not make this kind of mistake unless your mom loves books.

Just give it a short description: in fact, mom, bitcoin is an account and transaction ledger that doesn’t require any trusted third party “. For example. Most adults will be able to pick up this kind of simplified information. Add to that clarifications about addresses, public keys, and private keys, and you’re done.

Besides, a tech-savvy mother will certainly enjoy your explanations of Ethereum. This successor to Bitcoin, which did not imitate its rival, develops an account book, but which is content to be an infrastructure. If BTC is limited to doing only one thing, ETH imitates the Internet and allows many possibilities.

And those possibilities are:

  • DApps;
  • DAOs
  • the ERC-20s;
  • etc

At this point, even if she didn’t get your entire talk, at least she would pick up the Ethereum name.

Hold assets, or not

In case you start talking to your mom about cryptocurrency, never forget to reiterate that blockchain technology has a liberating purpose. Of course, don’t make the mistake of ridiculing the financial systems that were his before either. Because some baby boomers liked the fact that their money was held by an institution. The latter being the best equipped to secure financial assets.

Remember to explain to your mother the non-custodial wallets (non-custodial portfolios) and self-managed funds. She’s likely to reject the idea of ​​becoming solely responsible for the security of her money out of hand. However, if you introduce him to Coinbase, Kraken or FTX, for example, his decision-making will be influenced.

Again, remember that your mom’s generation isn’t one to let go that easily. Managing one’s fortune directly is a whole new thing despite the challenges that arise. In case it intends to camp on these old practices, you will have to take out the trust trigger in Bitcoin or in Ethereum from Grayscale. The fact that this alternative grants more security to all crypto wallets without having to worry about private keys in particular could be of interest to our mothers.

However, we believe that all these obstacles will not prevent you from talking to mom about cryptocurrencies.

Talking about crypto and giving gifts

Another approach can have an immediate effect on your business: gifts. For a Mother’s Day, two things are to be avoided: forgetting the date and not bringing gifts. Why not take the opportunity to talk to him about crypto and make some as an offering. So start with a hardware wallet (hardware wallet) while you’re at it.

It seems that the hardware wallet would suit a newbie to cryptocurrencies. And when it comes to hardware wallets, the choice seems multiple. But there is nothing wrong with choosing a Ledger Nano X for example. Be careful, this kind of equipment can be bought new and not used, for fear of being tampered with.

If your mom is new to this cryptocurrency, she will welcome this gift with arms outstretched. Do not forget to specify that this is not an ordinary USB key its new hardware wallet.

At this point, you need to go through some hardware setup help. And at the same time, introduce them to NFTs with the purchase of a token on the blockchain of their choice. To alleviate their fear of insecurity, direct them to the Billfodl cybersecurity pack.

Your mother, to whom you have decided to talk about cryptocurrency, will not fail to thank you for this initiative. Regardless of his final decision. Knowing that this knowledge is precious.

Source: Crypto Briefing

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