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International Hug Day – what does this activity give us?

The International Hug Day began in the United States. It came from there to the country. Its celebration takes place on January 21. Why is this unusual holiday worth celebrating? How does hugging affect us?

International Hugging Day

The idea behind the International Hug Day was Kevin Zaborney. He found that the period between the New Year and Valentine’s Day was depressing, and that hugging and showing affection would change that. On this day, we should hug not only our family, but also friends, and, as Zaborney encouraged, also strangers. The purpose of this day is not just to hug the other person, but to show affection in general.

Thanks to the closeness of cuddling, it is possible to obtain many health benefits, such as reducing stress and fear, blood pressure and even supporting the immune system. Thanks to this simple activity, we increase the level of dopamine – the reward hormone that stimulates our motivation. What’s more, hugging people in relationships strengthens bond and desire.

Why is hugging important?

Research has shown that for primates it is just as important to receive food from the mother as it is to be able to cuddle up to her. As Virinia Satir, child therapist says, “We need four hugs a day to survive. To stay healthy, eight. To develop, we need twelve hugs a day.”

This activity is considered to be one of the most natural. The great researchers of psychiatry such as Rene Spitz proved that without this kind of touch, children not only have development disorders, but also the mortality rate of newborns increased, which led researchers to believe that this activity is almost physiological in the youngest.

Hugging also increases the amount of oxytocin in the body, not only in the young ones, the hormone responsible for the formation of a strong bond. As such, touch is considered the most primal and natural language of love. According to Iwona Grabowicz-Chądrzycka, hugging children is used to educate emotionally strong adults (also in the case of boys).

In adulthood, such people are more mentally stable, they know how to enjoy establishing relationships and they cope well with stress. That is why it is worth remembering to hug each other and show affection not only on the International Hug Day, but also on every other day.

Source From: Dziendobry

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