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It’s been 10 years since Turkey’s first face transplant

It has been 10 years since Turkey’s first face transplant was performed at Akdeniz University Hospital. Celebrating the anniversary with the face transplant Uğur Acar and Turan Çolak by cutting a cake, Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan said, “Uğur visited me 6 months before the transplant. He asked some questions and got a little angry.

Rector Prof. in the Organ Transplantation Meeting Hall of AU Hospital. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, Faculty Member of AU Faculty of Medicine, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. A meeting was held with the participation of Ömer Özkan, Uğur Acar, Turkey’s first face transplant recipient, and Turan Çolak, the second face transplant recipient; A special cake was cut for the 10th anniversary.

prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan said that the meeting was very meaningful. Stating that the first face transplant patients have completed their 10th year, Özkan said, “Prof. Dr. If Ömer Özkan was not my teacher, it would not have been possible to do this. The first face transplant attracted more attention. It was probably a reflection of life from the movies. It was very different from other transplants. Good years passed with Uğur. I would like to thank our team, the Ministry of Health. We are very lucky. We would also like to thank the families who donated,” he said.


Explaining that the number of these operations, which show the level of development of medicine in Turkey, has increased over the years, Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan said, “This is one of the most important examples of the development of medicine in Turkey. The Ministry of Health offers the world’s most social health service to our people. The donation part needs to be increased a little more. Uğur completed its 10th year. We are talking about a transfer of more than 10 in number. This type of transplant still attracts attention in the world,” he said.


prof. Dr. Özkan also shared his memory of Uğur Acar from 10 years ago.

Stating that Uğur visited him 6 months before the transplant operation 10 years ago, Özkan said, “Uğur made me a little angry by asking some questions. We postponed the transplant a bit, but then we thought that it was very normal to ask such questions for such an important transplant. Afterwards, we talked again and answered their questions one by one. He even asked me, ‘I am ready for the surgery, are you ready? said.

prof. Dr. Özkan added that Uğur Acar had overcome the psychological part of the illness very easily.

‘there were good days and bad days’

Thanking the transplant team, Uğur Acar said that he is also grateful to the donating family.

Stating that he went through different processes with bitter and sweet, Acar said, “There were good days and bad days. We’ve been through it all. I think that I am with the best doctors in the world that I can trust and progress in a healthy way.”

Turan Çolak thanked the organ donor family and the transplant team. (DHA)

Source From: Sozcu

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