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Coronavirus and the male reproductive system. “The organ’s post-infection size is not the greatest threat”

“Covid penis” is another complication after contracting the coronavirus. Some men noticed that their body parts had decreased by as much as 4 cm. What is the scale of the problem? What are the long-term effects? We talked about this with prof. Andrzej M. Wave, a specialist in the field of public health.

COVID-19 and the male reproductive system

It turns out that after passing COVID-19, men can struggle with the so-called covid penis and erectile dysfunction.

– From the point of view of public health, the post-infection size of the organ is not the greatest social threat, but actually looking at the production of the next generations, it may somehow translate into the extinction of the human species – said Prof. Andrzej M. Fal.

As the specialist added, “covid penis” is another symptom resulting from endothelial dysfunction. – The virus tends to locate itself in the vascular endothelium. Hence the symptoms of the central nervous system, neurological. Hence the symptoms of the kidneys and decreased potency – our interlocutor explained.

According to the professor, the problem of the “covid penis” compared to other symptoms is not that worrying. It affects a relatively small group of men.

There are various reports. The first ones come from over a year ago. Americans wrote [wtedy – przyp. red.] by a few percent. Now we have reports from a few weeks ago, where in one group it is estimated at about 0.6 percent, and in the other – at about 7 percent. As you can see, the discrepancies are very large

Long-term effects after contracting the coronavirus

As emphasized by the professor, many scientific works show that postcovid symptoms can take their toll even 6-8 months after contracting the coronavirus. They include, among others

  • covid fog, which lowers intellectual performance;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how we underwent the coronavirus.

– It is not a rule that severe disease causes a longer post-covid syndrome. Many people who have had a mild disease with the drama of SARS-CoV-2 do not meet until they are healed, when symptoms such as fog or reduced physical capacity begin to appear or intensify – explained Prof. Andrzej M. Fal.

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