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Coronavirus in Poland. A new record of COVID-19 infections has been set

Waldemar Kraska reported that a new record of infections was broken in Poland, the previous one took place in April 2021, which amounted to 6,796 infections and 429 deaths. The deputy minister admitted that experts expect a rapid development of the fifth wave of the pandemic. What is the most recent number of infections?

Coronavirus in Poland – a new infection record has been broken

The new record is 36,665 new infections coronavirus. The omicron becomes the dominant variant – every fourth test indicates a new virus variant. 248 people have died due to COVID-19. On January 20, 32,835 new infections were detected, and 78 people died of the infection. 237 people died from SARS-CoV-2 with other diseases. As Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska announced on Radio Plus: “The quarantine will be reduced. Today, the health minister will announce a decision in this matter.”

The Ministry of Health wants to see a doctor in a specific age group. As Minister Adam Niedzielski announced on Thursday (January 20): “On Friday we will present a package of three projects. We will want to increase the popularity of testing. We are working on making it possible in every pharmacy. ”

Minister of Health on the plans for the fifth wave of the pandemic

According to Adam Niedzielski, a scenario in which 30,000 new infections are recorded a day is currently underway. This is one of the worst versions of the scenario, as he concluded: “We have to come back to strict adherence to the DDM regime (distance – disinfection – masks). The situation is getting tough.” According to the minister of health, the key issue that will have a concrete impact on the decisions made will not be the number of infections, but how many of the recorded cases will have to be hospitalized.

The Ministry of Health has 3 scenarios for the development of the fifth wave of the pandemic, according to which the higher the rate of infection, the sooner the wave will end. The peak is forecasted at the turn of January and Februaryand its decommissioning in February.

Source From: Dziendobry

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