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The square of the sphere. The anti-vaccine hospital, or why people who do not believe doctors seek help from doctors

Zbigniew Bartuś

I am not the only one who cannot comprehend why seriously ill with covid anti-vaccines seek the help of doctors. It is vaccine opponents who have been closing our hospitals for a year, contributing to many thousands of excess deaths of people who trust medicine but do not have access to healthcare. Where’s the logic here? After all, doctors are shouting: get vaccinated, you will be 100 times more protected against serious illness and death; 99 percent doctors vaccinate themselves and their children. Anti-vaccines ignore it. Out of breath.

Most of us are quite rational in our day-to-day activities. When our car breaks down, we choose rather mechanicsthan Józek – the golden handle from under the five, who will repair it with a hammer and a ladder car, a Cinquecento, and a Mercedes. When our teeth hurt, we visit dentist, and not a friend of a blacksmith from a village near Krakow, phenomenally forging horses. When we get sick, we go to specialist doctorand not a quack locksmith who is (supposedly) sensitive to chakras. Unfortunately, in the event of the coronavirus pandemic, this sane approach has been disabled for some reason in a large part of the population.

It cannot be explained alone education deficiencies. Indeed, according to research commissioned by the Medical University of Warsaw, in the group of Polish women and Poles after primary school and vocational school, the percentage of people declaring reluctance to vaccinate is much higher than in the population after graduation (41 percent compared to 24 percent), but this does not explain everything. I receive powerful doses of revelations about the “plandemic” and “non-existent virus” every day from people with master’s degrees, and even a doctor (but not medicine) – from circles close to parliamentary elites and system administration educational.

Consider Thursday morning’s message: “God bless you! Save your own children, if they have not yet rigged them. The vaccine is not working at all, you have been tricked! Your modified DNA in every part of the body is currently damaging blood vessels with the vaccine-produced spike protein. (…) Everything that flows in your veins immediately clogs the thinnest capillaries and waits for the first bigger effort to create a real problem: a heart attack, an embolism, a blood clot that cannot be dissolved, removed or leaked. And when it does – the light will go out for you. “

Well, in fact, fear to be afraid. Especially that this “material” is recommended to me at the same time deputy’s assistant and influential right-wing journalist. Anti-vaccine fighters always frame their blankets with numbers to prove that “the vaccine is not working.” In the soft version, to which we (unfortunately) have already got used to during the discussions in the Sejm, it sounds like “both vaccinated and unvaccinated die”. And here are examples of days when “out of 600 covid deaths, almost 200 were those of the vaccinated”.

These arguments they offend medicine and mathematics at the same time; If we take into account the fact that in the population of 70 plus the unvaccinated make up 30 percent, and among those hospitalized at this age and suffocating to death – the overwhelming majority, we get numbers totally contradicting the narrative of “doubters.” According to the Ministry of Health, the covid mortality rate among the unvaccinated aged 71–80 in recent weeks was 126 times higher than among the vaccinated! These data were presented at every meeting of the medical council and at the meetings of parliamentary committees. And what? And nothing. The ‘skeptics’ voice won.

But when the disease takes a potentially tragic course, anti-vaccines somehow don’t rush to the authors of the revelations for help. They end up in a hospital bed – using the doctors’ knowledge they rejected earlier.


Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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