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The number of cases is also increasing in Turkey… Covid message from the man caught in monkeypox

While the cases of monkeypox continue to increase in many countries, including Turkey, a man who has contracted this disease told his experiences one by one.

While the world is struggling with the corona virus epidemic, the monkeypox epidemic that has emerged in recent months continues to cause concern… After the Minister of Health, Koca’s statements regarding the monkeypox cases in Turkey the previous day, a remarkable news came from England.

Minister Koca said, “So far, 5 monkeypox virus patients have been detected in our country. Filiation was performed on these 5 patients and their immediate surroundings were isolated. 4 of our patients recovered completely and were discharged. One of our patients is in isolation. They are in good health, there are no problems. The main reason why it is not seen frequently in our country is that it is transmitted by very close and long-term contact in a closed environment.

A patient with monkeypox, speaking to the British media today, told what he experienced… A man named Conor, who caught monkeypox at the age of 25, stated that the symptoms were very similar to Covid-19 at the beginning of the disease.

Conor, who lives in Bristol, said: “He had high fever, sweating, joint pain at the beginning of the disease, and these were all signs of Covid-19. That’s why I thought I had Covid-19,” he said. But Conor said that soon after, blisters formed on different parts of his body. “I realized I had monkeypox when the blisters and sores started to form,” Conor said.

Saying that he self-isolated in his bedroom for 10-11 days, Conor said, “I continued to be tested for corona virus before Covid-19-like symptoms. But when the wounds occurred, I stopped doing this,” he said.

The monkeypox virus, which generally occurs in certain parts of Africa, has been detected in dozens of countries in recent months, including the USA, Spain, Turkey, France, Portugal and England.

The disease, which can be transmitted by close physical contact, sheets, blankets, coughing and sneezing, can cause death in some cases.

Source From: Sozcu

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