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Do men or women live longer? New clues revealed | news today

In Colombia, as revealed by the Ministry of Health in early May, life expectancy for men in the country was 73.8 years, while for women it was 80.13.

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In Colombiaas revealed by the Ministry of Health in early May, the life expectancy for the mens of the country was 73.8 years, while for women it was 80.13. That is, it is expected that colombian women live almost eight years longer than men. This is not an exclusive trend in the country. (You can read: For the first time it will be possible to perform an HIV self-test in Colombia)

If we take the data fromThe World Bankwe can confirm that, worldwide, the life expectancy of women continues to be greater than that of men, although not with the differences that exist in Colombia. As of 2020, life expectancy at birth for a woman was 75 years old, while that of men was four years younger. However, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal describes as simplistic this way of measuring life expectancy among mens Y women.

“Although women have a longer life expectancy than men, not all women outlive all men. On the contrary, a considerable part of the mens can live longer than a considerable part of the womenalthough life expectancy shows a female advantage,” says the document entitled Probability of men outliving women: an international comparison from 1751 to 2020. (It may interest you: Restrictions on junk food advertising would prevent almost 100,000 cases of obesity)

The study examined data on the Life expectancy of mens Y women in 199 countries, from 1751 to 2020, almost 200 years. What did she find? Although the life expectancy of men is generally lower than that of women, and male mortality rates are generally higher at all ages, men have a substantial chance of outliving women.

This, the Syddansk University researchers argue, challenges the impression that mens live less than women and would reveal a more nuanced inequality in lifespan between men and women. (You can also read: Are contraceptives really over in Colombia?)

But what does it mean that men survive to women? According to a press release from the authors, this statistic measures the probability that a person from a population with a high mortality rate (males) will survive another from a population with a low mortality rate (females).

The data revealed that, since 1850, the probability of men outliving women ranges from 25% to 50%. But there are other factors that can influence beyond sex. For example, married men have a 39% chance of outliving women, while unmarried men only have a 37% chance. The educational level also affects. For men with college degrees the probability was 43%, which dropped to 39% for those without a high school degree. (You may be interested: What is paxlovid, the drug that Biden took against covid-19?)

These results, the authors argue, “affirm that a more nuanced approach to survival differences between the sexes is needed. Therefore, efforts to reduce inequalities in life must be directed at various factors, causes and ages.

Source: Elespectador

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